Emmerdale spoilers: Kim takes revenge against Jai for humiliating her

JAI Sharma can never catch a break with his villainous boss Kim Tate around.

Coming up in Emmerdale, the businesswoman gets revenge after being humiliated by her employee.

A revolt is kicking off at the Hop after Kim (played by Claire King) tried to push Jai (Chris Bisson) to give the staff zero-hour contracts.

Next week, Kim’s exasperated with Jai when she sees her staff on the picket line outside the Hop and the protest is deterring customers.

She asks Jai to take action and get the staff back inside – but his reaction leaves her speechless.

The next day Kim’s furious when she’s forced to waitress as one of her wealthy friends turns up for a coffee.

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Things are looking up for Jai and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) as the pair team up to meet with a stubborn Kim and present a case study against zero-hour contracts.

They return to Holdgate and Laurel has some good news for Jai about their relationship.

Meanwhile, Kim remains bitter and plots revenge.

In later scenes, Jai realises his wallet is missing, prompting him and Laurel to return to Take A Vow to search for it.

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But when they find it down the back of a chair, they’re shocked to discover a tiny bag of drugs.

Both his sister Priya (Fiona Wade) and Laurel accuse him of owning the drugs and a confused Jai struggles to find an explanation.

In Laurel's eyes, this is enough proof of his guilt and she explodes with rage… while Jai is convinced Kim planted the drugs.

The following day, Jai is determined to win Laurel round and speak his truth and she almost believes his story.

However, Jai's father Rishi Sharma (played by Bhasker Patel) meddles and tells a shocked Laurel about how the kids nearly caught Jai with the drugs when he came close to relapsing a few weeks ago.

Laurel's anger comes to a boil once again, furious at what the kids could have been mixed up with.

Jai fights back tears when he realises his stability has, once again, been jeopardised.

Soon, Jai and Laurel's bickering gets worse behind the counter in the Hop – and Kim has a decision to make about their jobs.

Will Jai and Laurel ever stop arguing?

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Did Kim really plant the drugs?

Tune in to ITV to find out.

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