Emmerdale’s Chloe Harris set ‘to die’ in tragic scenes as car plummets off cliff

Emmerdale's Chloe Harris will reportedly meet her end in a horrifying car crash which is set to come to our screens later this year.

Chloe, who is played by Jessie Elland, is currently a key player in a heated storyline involving Mackenzie Boyd and Charity Dingle.

Mackenzie (played by Lawrence Budd) had cheated on his wife Charity (played by Emma Atkins) with Chloe which left her pregnant.

But after confirming his love for Chloe, Mack decided to cheat on her as well with Charity in what was a huge reversal.

Now it has been reported that in October Chloe's car will plummet off a cliff, leaving her dead and bringing an end to the love triangle.

Pictures of the incident being filmed have been released – showing all three members of the love triangle present as Chloe, seemingly plummeting to her death.

In the pictures, it looks as though Mackenzie is able to escape from the vehicle in time before it falls, but he is unable to rescue the mother of his child who is stuck in the car.

A source told the publication: "These are certainly all-action scenes.

"Charity is hellbent on getting revenge on Mackenzie after he chose to stay with Chloe. But viewers will have to wait to see who survives."

Viewers have been treated to some much-loved drama and chaos thanks to Mack's actions within the love triangle.

In recent days fans have seen Mack proclaim his love for Chloe, only to then share a passionate kiss and sleep with his former wife Charity, leading her to believe the pair could rekindle their romantic flame.

But during the christening of his and Chloe's baby boy Reuben, he again sided with Chloe instead.

After seeing him following the christening, Charity appeared to fight back tears as she realised her dream of getting back together with Mack may never happen.

Fans of the show have taken to social media to share their thoughts and predict that further chaos could be on the way for the three characters.

One person noted: "Something tells me that Charity is going to be explosive tomorrow."

While another said: "Looking oh so impressed…not… If looks could kill."

A third penned: "I wonder what Charity might do next? I think the whole Liam thing will be for the benefit of Mack to try make him jealous."

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