First Dates Hotel’s Julie leaves viewers ‘heartbroken’ as she opens up about witnessing husband’s murder

FIRST Dates Hotel took an emotional turn on Monday night when singleton Julie revealed that her first husband was murdered in front of her.

The 58-year-old mum-of-three was on a date with dad-of-two Dave when she opened up about the horrific event which happened when they were travelling in the Philippines.

The pair had been married for “three or four years” when he died.

“We were backpacking in the Philippines and we got accosted and he got shot," she explained.

“We were in quite an isolated place and we were held up at gunpoint and for whatever reason I don’t know why they decided to shoot him.”

Julie said that although she saw what happened there is a “black space” instead of the memory.

“I know I witnessed everything obviously, but it’s just it’s not a memory, it’s just a black space.”

She added: “The next thing I know is somebody helping me and he’s gone.”

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Julie then admitted that her second marriage failed because she was still heavily grieving her first husband, but is looking to find that kind of love again.

Viewers of the show were left “heartbroken” by her story.

“Oh my god my heart is breaking for this lady whose husband was shot in front of her,” said one shocked viewer, while another added: “I'm in shock over that poor lady's first husband #firstdateshotel”

At the end of their date, Julie decided not to go on a second with Dave, and viewers warmed to her and were keen for her to find happiness once more.

“Julie on #firstdateshotel sounded like a lovely lady. Hope she finds what she's looking for.”

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