'General Hospital': Trina's Dynamic With Her Parents, As Explained by Sydney Mikayla

Sydney Mikayla is one of the strongest younger actors in daytime television right now. Starring on General Hospital in the role of Trina Robinson, she’s also in more front-burner storylines now that both of her character’s parents are on the show’s canvas.

The storyline surrounding Trina Robinson and her parents

Prior to Trina’s parents officially being confirmed to be Marcus Taggert and Portia Robinson, fans talked on social media about many different theories to as to who her parents may be. Some more outrageous theories suggested that she could be Nikolas Cassadine’s real daughter. And though it is popular for some fans to think Taggert is not her father, some also think that there is a chance that Portia may not be her mother. Instead, they believe it may be Jordan Ashford. The most prominent and believable theory, however, is that Curtis Ashford is Trina’s father.

The soap even insinuated some parental reveals may be goinig on by setting up a feud between Curtis and Trina earlier this year. Viewers already know that Portia and Curtis knew each other years ago, giving this theory more credibility. There’s also the fact that Curtis’ aunt, Stella Henry, took a DNA test which revealed that she was related to someone in Port Charles that she doesn’t know and it was believed that this person could be Trina.

This theory that Curtis could be Trina’s father was the one that has always made the most sense, especially when compared to other theories like Gia Campbell or Jordan Ashford being her real mother.

When asked about the rumor and possibility of Curtis being Trina’s father, Donnell Turner (the actor who plays Curtis) gave his thoughts.

“I think if they go in that direction, it would be awesome,” he said when speaking to Soap Opera Digest. “She’s a lovely young lady in real life and it would give them somewhere to go and would further establish this budding family in Port Charles. I think it would be a great move.”

What Sydney Mikayla says about Trina’s parents

In a recent interview with TV Insider, Mikayla talked about her character’s relationships with both Portia and Taggert. The actress said that the introduction of Portia added a lot to Trina’s story.

“Brook [Kerr] is so talented and we’ve really connected — we both have a love of dance,” she said. “Her maternal energy is great. I think that Trina had been the ‘best friend character.’ Now, it’s great that she has someone whom she can turn to, too. She’s had Ava [Jerome] to talk to, but that’s still a work relationship. Trina idolized her father and his lie about having been killed caused a shift in their relationship. Now, Trina trusts her mom even more.

She also talked about Taggert…or rather acting opposite a different actor when Réal Andrews had to take a short break from the show.

“I remember showing up at the studio one morning and meeting Asante [Jones],” she said. “I thought he was playing another character on the show. Then, someone told me, ‘He’s playing your dad!’ We rehearsed our scene and I just used the same kind of acting skills and visualization that I normally do. Asante is such a strong actor.”

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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