Gina confronts George amid mystery over their missing mum in EastEnders

There have been lots of questions floating around among EastEnders viewers over the identity of George Knight’s (Colin Salmon) ex-wife and mother of Anna and Gina (Molly Rainford and Francesca Henry), and recent scenes saw her brought up in conversation once more, as Gina confronted her dad.

After learning that Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) had accepted George’s marriage proposal, Gina grew upset and fled from the Queen Vic bar in devastation.

Loving dad George immediately went after her, and found her crying in the living room.

George assumed that Gina’s tears were because she hated their new life in Albert Square, and promised her that he would be willing to move them all back to Marbella if it would make her happy, even though it would break his own heart being without Elaine.

However, Gina was quick to point out that it wasn’t Elaine that had upset her, it was the fact that George never spoke about their mum.

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Rose, Anna and Gina’s mum and George’s ex-wife, abandoned them nine years ago, and the family have heard nothing from her ever since.

Gina went on to reveal that she and Anna talk about her all the time, even when they’re angry at her, but pointed out that they never, ever hear George mention her.

George explained that he had spent his whole life pretending not to get hurt, and that he was getting tired of it.

He asked Gina if she wanted to see her dad cry, implying that that was what would happen if he talked about Rose Knight.

He made it clear that he understood that Elaine was not their mum, but pointed out that ‘life can’t stand still forever’.

With viewers still completely in the dark about what happened to Rose Knight, will we ever learn who she was?

And is George being truthful about his reasons for not talking about her, or does he have something to hide?

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