GMB viewers lash out as remainer protester disrupts live report ‘Get some security!’

Steve Bray appears behind GMB reporter brandishing anti Boris signs

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Louisa James was informing Good Morning Britain viewers about how inflation reached another record high in May of just over nine percent. As she was reporting outside Westminster an anti-Brexit protester, named Steve Bray, was holding two placards with the words “Brexit is not working” and “cost of Tory crisis”. ITV viewers lambasted the protester and called for security to keep him away from Louisa.

@Domain_Harry fumed on Twitter: “Louisa James is so gonna [hit] that protester one day. #gmb.”

Kev added: “Why don’t they have some security to keep that f****g idiot Bray away from the reporter? #GMB”

A confused Sue remarked: “Is it a one-man protest?”

More to follow… 

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