‘Good Trouble’: Who Plays Angelica?

Good Trouble recently introduced Angelica, a new character. Who is the actor who plays Angelica? Here’s what Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows about the latest addition to the TV show.

Malika meets Angelica

During Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 16 (titled “Opening Statements”), a new waitress, Angelica, introduces herself to Malika. She works with her at the bar Douro. Angelica and Malika seem to hit it off right away. They both laugh about a woman who keeps coming to the bar to sell roses. Malika notes how awkward it must be for couples who are on their first date. There’s instant pressure on those couples to buy a rose once she comes up to the table.

Although the woman makes this uncomfortable for the patrons, Malika says she doesn’t have the heart to tell her to leave. Later in the episode, Angelica comes over to Malika and gives her a rose. Dyonte happens to be at the bar, and he sees what appears to be a flirty exchange between Malika and Angelica.

Who plays Angelica on ‘Good Trouble’?

The actor who plays Angelica on Good Trouble is Odelya Halevi. One of her early roles was in a 2014 episode of the television series The New Girl titled “Julie Berkman’s Older Sister.” That year, she also appeared in two episodes of Starship Orion, in which she played Ariel Saunders.

Halevi’s role on Good Trouble isn’t the first time she played a waitress. In 2015, she was a waitress in an episode of Mike and Molly titled “The Last Temptation of Mike.” Some of Halevi’s other appearances include roles in The Bold and the Beautiful, NCIS, and MacGyver.

Who plays Malika on ‘Good Trouble’?

Zuri Adele plays Malika. Her character is passionate about activism. Her passion for the people even landed her in jail at one point. She is such a giving person that when her friends raised bail money, she refused to accept the funds. Instead, she asked for the money to be donated to women in jail who had children. She wanted them to make bail so that they could get home to their kids.

One of Adele’s early roles was in a 2010 short production titled Russian Roulette. After that, she appeared in a 2013 episode of the television series Under the Dome. Adele’s other acting roles include appearances in The Social Worker, Plenty, and Spilt Milk. 

What’s next for Malika?

There seemed to be some chemistry between Malika and Angelica. It’s not clear yet whether this will turn into something romantic, but it looks like that could be a possibility. Right now, Malika is focused on making ends meet. She mentioned during this episode that she had “gotten behind on some bills,” so she has been trying to balance two jobs (her other job is with the activism organization).

Malika is working hard to try to win a full-time paid internship. She really needs it because of her financial situation. However, she has some competition. Dyonte is her boyfriend, but he’s also her rival. He’s the other intern who is fighting for a chance at the full-time gig. Hopefully, things will work out for Malika.

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