'Grey's Anatomy" Sandra Oh's Return as Cristina Yang Unlikely, But Fans Have a Clever Idea

Grey’s Anatomy probably won’t end anytime soon. But if the show’s creators are planning on making this the last season, they’re going out the right way.

Meredith has been in a coma due to COVID-19 since the beginning of season 17. In her altered state, Meredith has been hanging out on a beach. Former friends and lovers who have passed away appear on this magical beach, including her ex Derek Shepherd.

Although she’s not dead, fans want Cristina Yang to make an appearance on the beach, and they may have found the perfect way for it to happen. 

Fans want Meredith to at least hear Cristina Yang’s voice 

Cristina Yang was played by the indomitable Sandra Oh. The actress has most recently said that she doesn’t want to come back to Grey’s Anatomy, even for a guest appearance. But her character, Cristina, didn’t die on the show. Cristina Yang moved to another hospital, leaving the door open for a reappearance at any time.

Fans think that it’s not likely Cristina would appear on the beach, since so far only dead characters have shown up there. But fans on reddit think Cristina’s voice could help Meredith find the light, and come out of her coma. 

One fan on reddit wrote “At this point I just want her to wake Mer from the coma.” Others agreed, suggesting “They could just do her voice. She could be on a screen and just show Mer’s face not Cristina. Just call in and wake her up! And Mer can smile her biggest smile. We know they text all the time.” 

Other fans still want a real guest appearance from Cristina Yang

Some fans would be contented just to hear Oh’s voice in the Grey’s Anatomy universe. But others really want a true guest appearance. Some speculate that once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, it may be easier to get Oh back to the set of Grey’s. 

One fan on Reddit said “I’d rather she comes back whenever this whole covid situation is over.” Others think a video call between Meredith and Cristina would be a good way to bring the character back without a lot of work on Oh’s part, writing “I would settle just by having Cristina video calls Mer in the hospital.” 

But some fans are downright pessimistic about seeing Cristina Yang back on Grey’s. As one fan put it, “It would be the most wonderful thing if we got Cristina back, but it’s never happening.”

Sandra Oh has flip-flopped on coming back to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 

Oh wasn’t always opposed to a reunion on Grey’s Anatomy. When she first left the show she indicated that she would be happy to come back and see the rest of the crew. In 2013, Oh stated that she would be willing to come back for the Grey’s finale, whenever that may be.

But by 2019 she’d told other sources that it would be a no-go, no matter what. Oh has moved on creatively from Cristina Yang, a character who she was deeply emotionally invested in. 

Now, Oh stars in the show Killing Eve, and she doesn’t want to go backwards and become Cristina again. In fact, it could be emotionally difficult for her to do so.

According to Oh, she actually had to go to therapy to give up Cristina Yang. Oh was one of the original cast members, and left after 10 years on the show. It was as difficult for her to say good-bye to the character as it was for fans, but Oh had to move on. 

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