Has Geoff killed Elaine in Coronation Street? Alya reports her missing

CORONATION Street fans are convinced that Geoff Metcalfe has murdered Elaine after a furious showdown between the exes ended with Geoff destroying her phone.

Geoff’s number one enemy Alya will discover Elaine has vanished and report her as a missing person to the police this week. But has Geoff buried Elaine under the cobbles? Here’s the lowdown…

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Has Geoff killed Elaine in Coronation Street?

Elaine's decision to introduce herself as Tim’s mum to Sally during last night’s episode (August 3) ended in disaster.

Having already turned against Geoff, Sally was sympathetic to Elaine and encouraged her to try and get through to Tim for the sake of saving Yasmeen.

But as Elaine took Sally’s advice and headed over to Street Cars to search for Tim, she was shocked out of her skin as Geoff emerged from the shadows. 

Geoff sneered at his ex: "Long time no see, Philippa", as she stood frozen to the spot.

The brute then ordered his ex-wife to leave the cobbles, before creeping his way towards her.

The next time viewers saw Geoff on screen, he was holding Elaine's phone and destroying her SIM card before tossing it down a nearby alley drain.

Has Geoff murdered Elaine and got rid of her body?

Or might he be holding his poor ex hostage somewhere?

What do Corrie fans think about Elaine’s disappearance?

Corrie are yet to confirm what has happened to Elaine, but the ominous cliffhanger left fans fearing the worst.

One fan tweeted: “Did Geoff kill Elaine? #CoronationStreet #Corrie.”

Another added: “He killed Elaine the Geoff will hurt anyone to get what he wants hopefully everyone will find out the truth about what Geoff is really like #Corrie.”

A third tweeted: “F**k what has Geoff done to Elaine? #corrie.”

Is Elaine going to get through to Tim in Coronation Street?

Elaine was devastated when she first came face to face with Tim and explained that she was his mother and that she’d had to change her name to flee from his abusive dad Geoff – only for Tim to refuse to believe her.

Coronation Street are yet to confirm whether Tim comes around to the truth, but that hasn’t stopped fans hoping he will. 

One fan said: “Elaine needs to persuade Tim that she is his biological mother #Corrie.”

Another viewer tweeted: “Why doesn't Tim just immediately take a simple DNA test? At least that would prove with absolutely certainly whose really telling the truth right? His Dad or Elaine/Philippa? #JusticeForYasmeen #Corrie.”

Fans will be pleased to hear that Joe Duttine – who plays Tim – has teased that his character is getting closer to turning against his dad as Yasmeen’s trial looms. 

Speaking to Inside Soap, the actor said: "Remember that Tim isn't aware of what the rest of the nation knows about Geoff.



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Coronation Street’s Geoff Metcalfe destroys ex Elaine’s phone after making her disappear

"Tim only reacts to the interactions he has with his dad, and he doesn't want to believe that he could do anything wrong. Some families have to close ranks and protect their own, which is what Tim is doing. But I think Tim is starting to feel as if something isn't quite right."

The actor added: "Tim will see cracks in the picture he has of Geoff.

"It's a slow burn, and Tim's remaining loyal to his dad until the stage he can no longer do so. We may be getting closer to that stage.”

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