Here’s who is starring in The Pact season 1 cast

The Pact: Trailer for season two of BBC drama

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The Pact was a hit with BBC viewers when it made its debut in May 2021, and now it’s returning for more episodes. Pete McTighe’s intense drama is going to follow a different group of people, welcoming a new cast. has everything there is to know about the stars of The Pact.

Who stars in The Pact season 2?

Christine – Rakie Ayola

Christine is the central focus of The Pact season two, a social worker who is grieving the death of her son Liam, along with her four adult children.

A stranger unexpectedly shows up and looks just like her deceased son and claims to have a shocking connection to the family.

But is he telling the truth, and how will Christine react to what she is being told?

This isn’t the first time actress Rakie Ayola is being seen in The Pact.

Actress Ayola took on the role of DS Holland in The Pact season one, and while she returns to the drama, she is playing an entirely different character.

Apart from The Pact, Ayola is known for playing Prime Minister Opal Folami in Noughts and Crosses and was Olivia Lennox in Shetland.

She has also appeared in episodes of Black Mirror, Doctor Who and starred as Hermione Granger in the West End play of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Ayola also won a BAFTA for her performance in the BBC film Anthony.

Connor – Jordan Wilks

Connor is the mysterious stranger that comes into Christine and her family’s lives and changes everything.

He is the spitting image of her dead son Liam and reveals that they are connected.

Jordan Wilks has only been acting since 2019, so is new to the entertainment industry.

He has previously been in Make Me Famous, Flatmates and featured in the podcast series The Devolution of the Species.

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Will Rees – Lloyd Everitt

Will is one of Christine’s four children who has a wife and child of his own and is a businessman.

He comes across cocky and isn’t always liked by his siblings because of his attitude.

Actor Lloyd Everitt has been in Tourist Trap, Death in Paradise, Casualty and Silent Witness.

Megan Rees – Mali Ann Rees

Megan is the only daughter of the family and is getting married to her boyfriend, Gethin (played by Jacob Ifan).

She has also been in Tourist Trap, as well as Hidden and Keeping Faith.

Jamie Rees – Aaron Anthony

Jamie Rees is the youngest child and is a sensitive soul who is incredibly close to his sister Megan.

Actor Aaron Anthony is best known for playing Ellis Chapman in Emmerdale and has been in Delicious and Behind Her Eyes on Netflix.

Other cast members include:

Samantha – Rebekah Murrell

DS Pritchard – Matthew Gravelle

Gethin – Jacob Ifan

Beth – Lisa Palfrey

The Pact season 2 premieres on Monday, October 24, at 9pm on BBC One.

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