Holby City spoilers: Ange begs for life in hostage hell as Cameron plots desperate escape plan

ANGE pleads for her life next week in Holby City, while Cameron plots a desperate escape plan as his secrets unravel.

Cameron trapped Ange in the hospital cellar after she discovered his killer secret and has been holding her hostage. 

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But next week, the walls begin to close around the manipulative medic as he realises how much of a pickle he’s got himself in this time. 

As Cameron grows more desperate, Ange begs him to let her go. 

But when that fails, Ange ends up making a break for freedom, with shocking consequences. 

Meanwhile, Nicky sees a narcissistic side to Cameron when she shares some exciting news about their baby. 

Crushed by his response, Nicky begins to put two and two together and urges him to tell her the truth. 

Will Nicky secure Cameron’s downfall?

Chloe is also onto Cameron and teams up with Lucky and Fletch to find her missing mother. 

But will she find Ange in one piece?

When Cameron realises that a number of colleagues are onto him and that his crimes will come to light, he hatches an escape plan. 

And as the police search the hospital in the wake of Louis’ attack, Cameron decides to scarper there and then.

Holby City bosses have teased that Cameron’s storyline will finally reach a conclusion next week. 

Will he manage to escape unscathed or will his enemies turn on him and save Ange?



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Elsewhere on Holby City, Dom remains determined to sue the hospital following his horror accident that led to his stoma operation. 

Donna gives Dom such much-needed support but he’s left thirsting for revenge when he’s left humiliated by an unpleasant patient. 

Dom ends up raging at Sacha, and hits a nerve when he delivers some cruel home truths. 

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