How Is Dominic West’s Marriage After His Scandal With Lily James?

Dominic West made headlines in October 2020 when he was spotted “cozying up” to fellow actor Lily James, according to Page Six — despite the fact that he was married to his wife, Catherine FitzGerald. West and James were filming “The Pursuit of Love” and seemed to enjoy a break in Rome where they rode a scooter and shared lunch. West was reportedly “seen affectionately caressing James’ head and planting a kiss on her cheek” and put his hand on her back when she snapped photos. He was also not wearing his wedding ring, the site noted.

Soon after the photos hit the internet, West and FitzGerald issued a brief but bold statement, according to People. They released a handwritten note that read, “Our marriage is strong and we’re very much still together. Thank you. Catherine and Dominic.” The couple also kissed and posed for photos, making it clear they wanted to put up a united front. They’ve been married since 2010 and share four children together, per the outlet.

Although the scandal is in the rearview mirror, what does FitzGerald have to say about her marriage to West today? Keep reading for more details.

Dominic West's wife drops a bombshell about their marriage

Catherine FitzGerald told The Irish Independent in May that she and Dominic West “are totally devoted to each other and to our full, vibrant family life together,” per People. Her comments come one year after West was seen “canoodling” with Lily James, per Page Six. In their 10-year marriage, FitzGerald admitted they’ve had their “ups and downs” like most couples.

Still, she seems very much in love with West, telling the outlet it was “instant attraction” when she first laid eyes on her husband when they were in college. “We had a wonderful love affair,” she said. “We would look over Dublin, reading poetry to one another with the mountains in the distance. We had all the time in the world to explore the pubs and back streets and walk the canal.” She continued, “But at the end of the summer, I left him, and he has not let me forget it! But I couldn’t have settled down with him right then forever. That would not have been a good idea for either of us.”

West moved to the U.S. to film “The Wire.” He also welcomed a daughter with his ex-girlfriend before going back to FitzGerald. “He was having a year out and came back to London to be with his daughter, and a mutual friend brought him to meet me. We were both, then, at the right time in our lives,” FitzGerald said. Seems like they still are, per FitzGerald.

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