How many episodes are in Avoidance on BBC One?

Avoidance is going to be BBC One’s latest sitcom, starring the likes of A League of Their Own comedian Romesh Ranganathan. Not only does the 44-year-old comedian star in the comedy, but he is also the co-creator behind it, along with writer Benjamin Green. has everything there is to know about Avoidance.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Avoidance.

How many episodes are in Avoidance on BBC One?

Avoidance will make its debut on Friday, June 10, at 9.30pm on BBC One.

The comedy is going to be made up of a total of six episodes which will air weekly in the same timeslot.

As long as there are no changes to the show’s scheduling, Avoidance’s grand finale is going to air on Friday, July 15.

However, there is an alternative if you’re not keen on waiting that long to watch the entire series.

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The full box set of Avoidance is also going to be ready to watch on BBC iPlayer.

All six episodes will be available to stream once the sitcom premieres on the mainstream channel.

So there will be no need to wait more than a month to find out what Jonathan gets up to.

There is no need to pay a subscription fee either as viewers only have to register an email address to get access to BBC iPlayer content as well as have a TV license.

Actor Ranganathan stars as Jonathan, a man who has severe issues with avoiding conflict but needs to change for the sake of his son Spencer (Keiran Logendra).

Jonathan’s wife Claire (Jessica Knappett) decides she wants to split up with Jonathan who insists they let the dust settle before making any big decisions.

However, she is adamant that they should inform Spencer as soon as possible which Jonathan strongly disagrees with.

So he does what all rational people would do in his situation – run away with his son to his sister’s to avoid the issue altogether.

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While staying with his sister Danielle (Mandeep Dhillon) and her wife Courtney (Lisa McGrillis), Jonathan gets some hard truths.

He knows that he needs to change his behaviour and learn how to address conflict in the right way but will he be able to break a habit of a lifetime?

Ranganathan previously told the BBC that Jonathan’s “conflict-avoidant beta maledom is based on my own character, but I would like to think I hide it a bit better than Jonathan does.

“The fact that Ben[jamin Green, co-creator] agreed it would be a good starting point for a comedy suggests I don’t.”

Portraying Jonathan’s wife Claire is actress and comedian Jessica Knappett who is best known for creator and starring in the E4 comedy series Drifters.

His sister Danielle will be played by actress Mandeep Dhillon who starred in Netflix’s After Life earlier this year.

Avoidance is the first show to come from Ranganathan’s own production company Ranga Bee.

Avoidance premieres on Friday, June 10, at 9.30pm on BBC One.

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