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SHE'S usually seen showing off her latest eye-popping boob job, but recently Katie Price has set tongues wagging for a different reason.

This week, the 44-year-old unveiled her most shocking tattoo yet – a huge thong lingerie artwork on her bum.

It brings the former glamour model's total tattoo count to 19 after a string of new designs in recent months, including one on her ribcage, a knee inking and a poignant tribute to her mum Amy.

While Katie has proudly flaunted her latest tatts, she's previously admitted regretting going under the needle, particularly when it's left her "stuck" with the name of an ex after a break-up.

Now, Claudio Traina, a tattoo artist and fixer at Sixty Ink in London, has offered her the chance to "sort out some of her worst tattoos that can still be fixed".

He tells The Sun: "It will probably make her and people who have to look at it happy – but I wouldn't touch the one at her back. That cannot be saved.


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"In the tattoo world, a bad tattoo is always going to be the fault of the last person who tried to fix it. It will never be blamed on the artist who started it in the first place. It's too big and the positioning is too weird and it's really hard to save."

Here, he gives his technical verdict on the inkings that could do with a touch up… or a rethink altogether.

'Shocking' thong

On her latest thong design, Claudio says: "It seems like she had the bow already there and the tattoo artist created the underwear around it.

"It looks like a rushed job – it's a big tattoo and probably the artist had to finish it the same day.

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"There are a lot of dots and the artist could have done a better job. I'd say it was probably done by someone who isn't an expert.

"I would have made a smoother shading to give a 3D effect because now it looks kind of plain. It's a shocking tattoo and you can see it from a distance. I think she was going for the wow factor. It's almost a scream for attention."

'Not very smooth'

On the inkwork on her left arm, which includes on-off boyfriend Carl Woods' face, Claudio says it looks like it was a cover-up for another design as there are remnants of the old tattoo.

"The close-up is not that smooth and it looks like it's been made with just black ink," he says.

"The top flower looks empty, as if the artist was tired and said 'okay I'll just do an outline and that's it'. They could have worked a bit better on the contrast to make a smoother design.

"The face just has the main feature – there's no shading or blending and you can't see the muscle of the face. It's just almost a sketch which is fine if that's the design she was going for. But these days, you can get artists who are able to do hyper-realistic portraits."

This week, Katie was pictured arm-in-arm with ex-fiancé Carl, who she began dating in 2020, after rekindling their romance.

'Crazy' decisions

One of Katie's favourite tattoos is the garter belt design that can be found on her right thigh.

According to the OnlyFans star, she decided to get it because it gives her the "sexy feeling" of wearing lacy lingerie.

But Claudio says the tattoo looks like it was done by three different artists. And while he is complimentary about the initial outline, he says the end result was not the best.

He says: "I think Katie went to a third person and did a crazy shading that doesn't make sense – I think it was done by someone who didn't know what they were doing, to be honest.

"It's really rough and the colour doesn't blend in with the black. It looks like it was done by someone who didn't want to tattoo her. I think they even tattooed a place they should have just left bare."

'Good job'

It's not all gloom for Katie's tattoos as Claudio picked out a few that he was impressed with, including a portrait of her 15-year-old daughter, Princess, who she shares with Peter Andre.

He says: "I think her daughter's tattoo is really good. I have nothing bad to say about that. If I was the artist, I would have pushed a bit more on the contrast once it had healed but it's good as it is too."

Claudio says the best tattoo is the unicorn on Katie's stomach, which she unveiled last year while on a beach in Thailand.

"That looks good – I like the shading because it is really well done," he says.

"It blends with the flowers and it looks like a new traditional tattoo. That's a good job from the artist. I definitely think it's the best tattoo she's got."

He is also complimentary of the half-eagle designs on both of her legs, saying: "The feathers she's got looks really good. There's a smooth shading and it blends in perfectly.

"I can see she's got a heart with flowers which also look really good. I think her tattoos were done by different people."

'Do your research'

Claudio reckons the overall success rate of Katie's tattoos is "50/50" and has some advice for anyone else itching for an inking.

He says: "Some of them look really good and you can tell they were done by great artists but some are clearly from people who probably just started.

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"You should always check the work of your tattoo artists – while some of Katie's tattoos are good, you can tell she regrets a few because most of them are cover-ups.

"If you want a tattoo and go to the best, you will get a great service but if you just want one for the sake of it and walk into the first shop you see, you get what you get."

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