Inside Amanda Holden's 'momager' life with lookalike model daughter Lexi, 16 – from red carpet debuts to frank diet chat

SHE’S one of the most beautiful women in the UK, and, at 51, still has the body of a 20-year-old – so it’s unsurprising that Amanda Holden's daughter Lexi is taking after her.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge revealed yesterday that her stunning 16-year-old daughter has signed to Storm Management – the same modelling agency that shot Kate Moss to fame.

And it seems Amanda and her husband Chris Hughes have been guiding her every step of the way so far – even dictating when Lexi can start officially working… and making sure she does her school work first.

Amanda – who joked she wants to be a “momager” like Kris Jenner – has been her daughter's biggest champion, often sharing snaps of Lexi and her younger daughter Hollie, 10, on social media, which regularly get over 50,000 likes.

We reveal just how Amanda has been guiding her daughter to model superstardom…

Clinched modelling deal… but studies come first

Amanda revealed yesterday that Lexi had been signed to Storm, but admitted she’s keen for her to not actually start working properly until she's 18.

"They came after her and they're very lovely and nurturing and it will be a soft, slow thing and she won't do anything until she's 18 but they want her and that's what she wants to do,” she told the Daily Mail.

We’d previously revealed that Lexi had been approached by many different agencies including Source, Select and MiLK. 

But, with her being 15 at the time, Amanda was making her wait until her 16th birthday in January to sign on the dotted line.

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A source told The Sun: “Amanda was adamant she complete her studies first. The family is excited and proud. She’s now officially on the books of an agency but won’t start her modelling career until she turns 16 on January 20th. Her future is incredibly bright.”

Despite Lexi's rising profile, Amanda still hopes that Lexi will go to university, and has encouraged her to "defer university for a year" if she wants, to see "where life takes her".

She said: “It is odd because I remember changing her nappy and her first tantrum and suddenly, she's this little woman. 

“She is bright too so we're making sure she does her A-levels and she has her sights set on university but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.”

'Momager' Amanda's red carpet influence

Amanda has joked about becoming a "momager", like Kris Jenner has been with the Kardashian clan.

And in a 2013 interview with the Daily Star, she said: “I won't be pushing them into showbiz but I will be doing it secretly behind the scenes.”

She went on to discuss her daughter's “talents” and said Lexi was “really good” at singing, even labelling her a “future winner” of Britain's Got Talent.

And it seems she’s done a very good job of pushing her subtly over the years.

As Lexi grew older, Amanda began taking her to various red carpet events, making sure she was in the limelight.

And in her teenage years, Amanda has often shared pictures and videos of her eldest daughter to her 1.8million followers on Instagram – and it’s clear Lexi has been practising her model pout.

These pictures regularly get over 50,000 likes, and many of the comments are about how gorgeous Lexi is, as well as how it’s hard to tell them apart.

Amanda added:  “We are quite a good team and we sit round the dinner table every night and we will describe our days so she has a good insight into the industry so I think she is going into it more eyes wide open than most 16-year-olds.”

Frank diet tips… about enjoying a pudding

When it comes to body image, many models fall into the trap of fad diets.

But Amanda has always made sure Lexi maintains a balanced lifestyle – often eating sweet treats in front of her two girls.

She said: “In the week I am very good, and I watch my calorie intake, but I don't deny myself anything.

"I have a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch, and dinner, because I have two daughters and a 16-year-old now who is of that sort of age where she is constantly thinking about how she looks so I would never want to set an example of 'mummy's not having a pudding.'

"She always asks, ‘Mummy, are you going to have a pudding?’ and I'll say, ‘Are you having one?’ and she goes ‘Yeah’ and I say ‘Well I'm having one then’ – then I'll be thinking s*** it's a Wednesday! I would rather have a glass of wine.”

Lexi 'guides mum' on racy outfits

Amanda has clearly brought her girls up to be defiant in their outfit choices too – and wear whatever they want, and feel comfortable in.

Amanda famously sparked 235 Ofcom complaints during the Britain’s Got Talent live shows, for simply wearing a risque dress.

But Lexi encouraged her to wear it.

She said: "If I'm trying on outfits for shows I'll say to Lexi: ‘Is there too much side-boob?’ or ‘Is this too much?’ and she'll grin and say: ‘Go for it, Mum.’"

Amanda has clearly got a model pupil in Lexi.

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