Inside Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury’s romance as boxer reveals what REALLY goes on behind the doors at their £3.5m mansion

TOMMY Fury has opened up about what goes on behind the doors of their mega-mansion as he gave a rare interview about their relationship.

Speaking to The Sun in his most candid interview yet, 23-year-old Tommy explained what really happens in their lives away from Instagram.

Unlike many people their age, they very rarely drink and are rarely seen on the showbiz party circuit.

In fact, he says, family is what the 22-year-old boxer is most focused on.

Tommy explained: "I want four kids but it’s Molly’s body and she’s the one who has to go through it – but I’ll be there with her every step of the way.

“I’m a big family man and come from a big family too and it’s something we talk about a lot. I don’t think it’s in the far too distant future… 

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“We’re so young but we’ve been living together for three years now – we shared a bed the night we met and then every day after that for months so it’s like we’ve been together six years.

“Apart from boxing, having a family is what I’m really looking forward to. Me and Molly aren’t the biggest partygoers, Molly doesn’t drink.

"I’ll only have a drink after a fight and we don’t go out every weekend so settling down with kids won’t change us."

He added: “I can’t reveal our baby names though – imagine if Molly fell pregnant and then someone else has a baby and steals our name? I’d never live it down!

"They’re going to be kept very secret until the day we announce it. I can’t wipe the smile off my face because we’re both so passionate about becoming parents and I just can’t wait for that day.”

Tommy and Molly-Mae Hague met and fell in love on Love Island in 2019, but despite not winning – they came second to Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea –  the pair have gone the distance where so many other couples in the infamous villa have hit the skids.

I don’t care what people say about our relationship – it’s only me and Molly who are in it as long as we know our relationship is legit and real.

While it would be tempting for the twosome to crow about proving haters who called their romance ‘fake’ from day one, three years in, Tommy says he has no interest in having the last laugh.

He explains: “I don’t care what people say about our relationship – it’s only me and Molly who are in it as long as we know our relationship is legit and real.

People still have their thoughts about why we’re together and that will always be there but I honestly couldn’t care less. Molly and I live a great life and we’re living in the moment, we live for us and we don’t care about what anyone else has to say.”

Tommy and Molly are now poised to become the new King and Queen of the boxing world, after Tommy’s half brother Tyson announced his retirement following his world-beating win last weekend.

With Tyson hanging up his belt, his wife Paris has crowned Molly the next ‘leading lady’ of the ring. So will she do a good job? 

“Molly will 100% be amazing as the next leading lady,” Tommy says, his sparkling eyes lighting up when he discusses his love.

“I never thought I’d find someone like Molly, she’s been thrust into this boxing world at the biggest level and she’s supported me all the way – I often go away for 8-9 weeks at a time with no contact and it’s hard for her but she’s a very tough woman, if it wasn’t for her I’d have a hard time getting through it.

“She always makes me feel confident, picks me up when I’ve had a bad day – she’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a girlfriend and it’s the best thing in the entire world. A boxer needs a good woman by his side and I’ve definitely got one in Molly.” 

And making the move onto the property ladder together this year has only cemented the fact that they are the real deal who are in it for the long haul.

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“It’s lovely to have our home together and not be renting, our cats enjoy it. Everything is where it should be. I thank the lord that we live this life and everything is going well and how it should be. “

Now the dust has settled on Tommy’s biggest fight so far, he and Molly have jetted off on a long-overdue holiday to LA for two weeks – with eager fans hopeful an engagement is finally on the cards. Rumours have been rife for some time – but Tommy is keeping us guessing!

“Everyone is assuming we’re getting engaged but nobody will ever know when I’m going to as I’m a spur of the moment type of guy, I don’t plan things, if I’m going to do it I will just do it,” he confesses.

“We’re going on holiday to relax now our work is done, it’s my birthday on the 17th and we’re going to enjoy ourselves and I can’t wait to forget about everything, not think about boxing, eat good food, put some weight on. I can’t wait to get some sun.”

As anyone who follows the couple on social media will know, they are forced to spend a lot of time apart due to their demanding work schedules.

Despite recently moving in together, Molly recently admitted she hadn’t shared a bed with Tommy in eight long weeks. So how do they keep the passion in their relationship when they are separated by thousands of miles?

The secret, says Tommy, is to be authentic. “To keep the spark alive it’s just about being yourself, that’s the key. If you’re trying to be someone you’re not it will wear off.

"Your personality never changes, like a leopard never changes its spots – Molly and I are both ourselves and buzz off each other and that will never change. We don’t have to work at our relationship – we’re both in love with each other and I do things that I know will make her happy, like take her on nice holidays and out for nice dinners.

"We don’t try too hard as we just get on with day to day life and love our life together. Date night is what we live for – it’s everything! We both have tiring jobs so we leave our phones at home and go to the cinema or out for dinner. We have conversations about a million things for three hours and it’s great.”

Date night is what we live for – it’s everything! We both have tiring jobs so we leave our phones at home and go to the cinema or out for dinner

Of course, not everything in the pair’s life is a fairytale. While they have managed to achieve what many their age can only dream of by buying a multi-million mansion in their early twenties, their success has not come without its share of sadness.

Their previous home, a £1.3 million Manchester apartment, was ransacked by thieves last year, who stole over £800,000 worth of designer gear. While he isn’t one to focus on things he can’t control, Tommy acknowledges it was a tough time and admits he worries about his girlfriend’s safety when he is away.

“We’ve gone through our fair share of it – it was a down time in our life but we got through it. There’s a lot of celebrities being robbed, it’s rife at the moment and that is always going to be there.

"It’s terrible but it’s one of those things. You can’t think about it or live your life wondering ‘will I be robbed?’ Whatever happens, happens. We don’t dwell on it and we put it to the back of our mind. It is what it is. If somebody wants something of yours and they’re professionals, a few bodyguards won’t stop them. If it’s going to happen it will. 

When I’m not at home I do worry about Molly but I try to put it to the back of my mind otherwise it will affect me and my job. I won’t let them win. Molly is safe and sound and that’s my mindset – positivity. I don’t live my life wondering ‘what if this happens?’ You can’t think like that. 

Keeping his cup half full is clearly Tommy’s winning formula – as he admits having a hard start in life but still being happy. 

“I live my life very positively and I don’t tolerate anything less – I always think positively,” he insists. “Why think of the bad? I believe what you put out you get back – if you’re positive, happy and a joy to be around you’ll have a better life.

"There’s a lot of stuff in my life, hardships that I don’t want to talk about, I’m only 23 but I feel like I’ve got about 50 years of knowledge that my dad, who had a hard life, passed on to us. He tells us what to do and what not to do and we’re learning from his mistakes and being positive.

"I can’t erase the negative things that happened in my life, but I don’t want to surround myself with negative people who bring me down. We’re on a high at the moment.”

You can’t blame Tommy for counting his blessings and focusing on how fortunate his life has turned out – after all, it wasn’t always this way. In fact, growing up in Manchester, his childhood couldn’t have been further from the glamorous life he lives today.

"But as he looks back on his humble beginnings, he stresses that, even if he lost every penny tomorrow, he’d still feel like he’d won life’s lottery.

“My feet are firmly on the ground – before Love Island I was sleeping in the boiler room at home, a broken bed, no TV, I never had any money, I walked to the gym, I didn’t have anything in my life.

"I never had any real aspirations – I was just the kid in the corner who did a bit of boxing but I was happy then. I had my friends and my family and I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but even if none of this had ever happened I’d still be a happy kid because I’m not a money driven person.

"It comes and goes – memories are what I care about like my holiday to LA. My family don’t care about what we’ve got either, they’re not money driven either. We’ve never taken a £1 off Tyson- never have and never will. 

The finer things in life are nice to look at and enjoy but they don’t drive us. 

I would never get in the ring with Tyson – I will stay very, very, VERY far away from that one!

“What Tyson has in his life he can enjoy it because he worked hard for it and same for me – I will now enjoy what I have. I get punched in the face for a living so I will enjoy it, but I’m a good natured guy, I don’t fight for money and I’m the richest man in the world as I get paid to do a job I love – I love what I do.

“Molly works with so many great brands and amazing things are happening with her. My career hasn’t even really begun yet – I've got a long time left in boxing. I’d like to be the world champion and I will get there – I know I can reach the top regardless to what people say.

"People said there’s one boxer in the family leave it at that, but if I’d have listened to them I wouldn’t be where I am now. I know I’ll be a world champion, I don’t have to rush, there’s plenty of time, I’m just going to keep boxing, doing these big fights and winning”. 

Despite aspiring to the same greatness as his sibling, Tommy has no desire to ever have a bout with Tyson however – even if he could coax that Gypsy King out of his newly-announced retirement.

I would never get in the ring with Tyson – I will stay very, very, VERY far away from that one!” he laughs. “Tyson’s great, it’s been an honour to be with him and get two wins on fight night.

"The vibe is sky high – Tyson sold out 95,000 tickets and put our name up in lights – it’s absolutely amazing the Fury name will go down in history because of him, no doubt.

"I say I’m blessed a lot – when I look around at what is happening in my life it’s just surreal. I pinch myself a lot – to fight at Wembley Stadium and in America I’ve achieved nothing but also done so much. I take it all in my stride and I’m thankful for everything that happens.”

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Of course boxing fans are desperate to see his long-awaited clash with YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul finally materialise after Tommy pulled out last year due to ill health – and it turns out the Northern lad is just as keen.

“It’s become the bane of my life. I just want it all over,” he sighs. “Wherever I go people ask me the same question – ‘when are you fighting Jake Paul?’ – and honestly this is not my fault.

"I’m ready to go, I’m ready to do it, it should have been done in December and everyone is still talking about it but my career is a boxer – I’m not here to fight Youtubers. The only reason we are still entertaining this is because it is a huge fight but I’m tired of talking about it. Let’s get it on!”

The fight is sure to have the world tuning in when it finally happens, yet before that millions of us will be tuning into ANOTHER massive TV event this summer – the new series of Love Island. But there is one person who likely won’t be watching along with the rest of the nation…

“I’ve never watched Love Island and I never watched reality TV – I didn’t even watch myself back,” Tommy admits.

“It was an amazing show and it’s given me a life I could only have dreamt of, but I train three times a day, I’m in the gym every night and then I just like to come home and go to bed.”

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