Inside the life of BBC Gladiators star Jade Packer

Three new Gladiators revealed on Steph’s Packed Lunch

Jade Packer aka Electro is one of the impressive athletes taking part in the Gladiators revival.

The reboot will be hosted by The Chase star Bradley Walsh and his son Barney Walsh and will land on the BBC later this year.

Ahead of the launch, a host of Gladiators have been announced, including Jade.

Jade was ranked among the top 10 fastest runners for 150 metres when she was just 12 years old.

She later raced for titles at various championships over both 200 metres and 100 metres.

“I hope Electro can spark an unstoppable pursuit for a new generation of athletes,” Jade said of Gladiators.

“I’m ready to light up the arena with a different kind of energy.”

Jade is a huge CrossFit fan as well as a successful bodybuilder and sports model.

She started bodybuilding as a teenager after being introduced to it via Instagram.

She boasts 35,000 followers on Instagram under the handle @Jade_Packer and describes herself as a model and athlete with a love of both fashion and fitness.

She has represented the UK in Madrid and Barcelona in bodybuilding competitions.

Away from the gym and training, Jade said she enjoys dancing and attending raves.

A BBC spokesperson said: “She is on a mission to fulfil her true ‘athletic potential’ – and has no fears or limits. Her strong work ethic means she’ll do everything she can to succeed.

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“Electro will make sparks fly, so don’t be shocked when she unleashes her full force onto the contenders.”

The new series of Gladiators, made by Hungry Bear Media, will include 11 hour-long episodes.

The super athletes will be taking part in brand-new games alongside classic challenges viewers loved in the 1990s such as The Eliminator.

Gladiators will hit BBC screens later this year on a date yet to be announced.

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