It’s judgement day in Coronation Street for Kelly

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It’s a big week for Kelly, who is due in court for sentencing. And there's trouble for her lawyer Imran from the off, as his ex Sabeen tries to pressure him into helping get Harvey out of prison, but Imran stands his ground.

On the day when Kelly is due to learn her fate, an impassioned Imran delivers his speech, begging the judge to consider her troubled upbringing and fragile mental health, but will it be enough to save her from a long stint in prison?

After the judge has their say, passions run high and tempers flare. Lives are set to be changed forever, but what will the verdict mean for Kelly and Corey? And as the drama plays out, lies are told, with potentially disastrous consequences.

Toyah is feeling insecure in her relationship with Imran after Gary mentions he saw him heading into a bar on the night of Kelly’s verdict. Toyah realises he lied to her and, after clocking his intimacy with Sabeen, asks him outright if he’s cheating on her. Will Imran come clean about his whereabouts that night?

By the end of the week it's clear that a guilt-ridden Imran is definitely hiding something from Toyah, who feels bad for doubting his explanations. But just what is the secret that leaves him vulnerable to Sabeen's manipulation?

Elsewhere this week, David decides to teach Daniel a lesson, reporting him for assaulting Max. He declares Daniel should be sacked and if the school won’t act, he will, but his approach doesn’t go down well with Shona. And later David starts to question whether he did the right thing in sticking up for Max at all.

Meanwhile, Audrey is underwhelmed to find only Gail, Sarah and Shona at her surprise birthday meal and is offended by her old-lady gifts. When Rita then turns up wanting to bury the hatchet, Audrey loses her temper and storms out. But when she gets in her car, disaster soon strikes.

And having grown closer again, Nina clumsily reminds Asha she sees her purely as a mate. Asha’s quick to assert that she’s totally happy with how things turned out. But Aadi’s shocked when Asha then bursts into tears, devastated that Nina doesn’t want her. Aadi suggests she could find somebody else to date, but will his sister take any comfort from his words?

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