Jennifer Love Hewitt Grateful to Ray Liotta for Putting Her at Ease During Risky Movie Scene

The ‘Ghost Whisperer’ alum credits her ‘Heartbreakers’ co-star for being ‘the kindest, sweetest man’ on the set, helping ease her nerves over the filming of a risky scene.

AceShowbizJennifer Love Hewitt will forever be grateful to Ray Liotta for putting her at ease on the set of “Heartbreakers” after having to spend hours filming a risque scene by his “nether regions.”

The actress landed her breakout movie role as Page Conners in the 2001 romantic comedy after starting her career as a Disney star, and she recalls being petrified of messing up one particular sequence with Liotta, in which her character’s hair gets caught up in the zip of his trousers.

“I remember, one of my very first days of work, being attached to Ray’s nether regions for eight hours, so it was a very risque part for me at the time,” she remembered.

“It was very, very daunting for me – not because of what I was doing in the scene but because I was aware of who he was. I was such a big fan. I was so nervous to mess it up.”

However, Jennifer was immediately calmed by her co-star’s kindness.

“I just remember meeting Ray, and instantly I felt so much better,” she shared. “He was the kindest, sweetest man who made me feel so comfortable.”

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Liotta wasn’t the only industry veteran helping to look out for the actress on the funny film, in which she had to don a series of revealing outfits.

Jennifer said, “When I walked in for my first fitting, I thought all the dresses were tops and didn’t know where the bottoms were. I remember watching them (stylists) unpack some of my things, and they were in Ziploc bags, and I was like, ‘My clothes… are in there?’ “

“And we all had a really big laugh about the fact that I just wore tiny clothes the whole movie. I felt like a Barbie doll. It was great.”

Despite showing some skin, crewmembers were conscious not to let Jennifer feel too exposed during the shoot.

She told Vulture, “It’s such a physical movie. I mean, she (her character) was constantly tripping and falling down.”

“One thing that really stood out to me when we did the movie is how much people were looking out for me and really making sure that I never felt weird or on display.”

“I remember there were more than a couple of people that were like, ‘OK, let’s make sure boobs are in place and we’re not seeing underwear.’ “

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