Josh Brolin Calls Out Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Numbing, Flummoxing’ Best Director Snub

Josh Brolin called out the 2022 Oscars for snubbing Denis Villeneuve in the Best Director category.

The “Dune” star slammed the Academy for not recognizing Villeneuve’s vision for the sci-fi adaptation (while applauding the Oscars for recognizing others). “Dune” landed the second highest amount of nominations at the 94th Academy Awards with 10 nods, behind “The Power of the Dog” with 12 nominations.

“Hey, I just want to say congratulations to legendary Warner Bros., everybody who got nominated for ‘Dune’: editing, cinematography, score, music, writing, pretty much everything,” Brolin said in a Twitter video. “And the unbelievable, almost numbing, flummoxing, I feel, for Denis Villeneuve not being nominated for Best Director. It’s just one of those things where you go, ‘Huh? What?!’”

Brolin added, “I don’t know how you get 10 nominations and then the guy who has done the impossible with that book doesn’t get nominated. It makes you realize that it’s all amazing and then it’s all fucking totally dumb. So congratulations for the amazing accomplishments that these incredibly talented people have been acknowledged for, because it’s all really, really dumb.”

Brolin ended his video by giving a thumbs up to the camera.

Steven Spielberg (“West Side Story”), Jane Campion (“The Power of the Dog”), Paul Thomas Anderson (“Licorice Pizza”), Kenneth Branagh (“Belfast”), and Ryusuke Hamaguchi (“Drive My Car”) are nominated for Best Director.

Today, Seth Rogen similarly voiced bafflement over the Academy Awards in an interview with Paul Rudd.

“I don’t get why movie people care so much if other people care what awards we give ourselves,” Rogen said. “To me, maybe people just don’t care.”

He continued, “I don’t care who wins the automobile awards. No other industry expects everyone to care about what awards they shower upon themselves. Maybe people just don’t care. Maybe they did for a while and they stopped caring. And why should they?”

Jimmy Kimmel recently spoke out about the misstep of the Academy not nominating “Spider-Man: No Way Home” for Best Picture to reflect the film’s historic, record-breaking fandom.

“The biggest snub in my opinion, and I am actually even angry about this I am embarrassed to say, is the unforgivable omission of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home?’” Kimmel said. “Why do Best Picture nominees have to be serious? When did that become a prerequisite for getting nominated for an Academy Award?”

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