Kate Garraway says she still 'can't see' Derek Draper in hospital as Frank Bruno sends his best wishes to ill husband

KATE Garraway reveals she still "can't see or visit" Derek Draper in hospital after Frank Bruno sent his best wishes to her seriously ill husband.

The presenter, 53, told the famous boxer after he wished Derek – who is still in intensive care nearly a year after catching coronavirus – well before his interview.

Speaking to Kate and Ben Shephard, Frank said: "We all go through ups and downs. If you see your husband today, Kate, give him my regards please."

Kate responded: "I will do. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to, I haven't for two months. But I will try to pass that message on, that's very kind. I will try and do that."

Kate's husband Derek is still in intensive care a year after contracting coronavirus.

Whilst he's beaten the virus, he's been unable to gain consciousness from his induced coma.

Derek and Kate married in 2005 and are mum and dad to 14-year-old Darcey as well as Billy, with the two children able to visit him in hospital shortly before Christmas for the first time.

Kate returned to Good Morning Britain earlier this month after an extended absence.

The 53-year-old has been balancing work duties with raising her two children while husband Derek Draper remains in a serious condition in hospital following his coronavirus battle.

The difficult circumstances left Kate feeling run down and she was given time to recharge at home.

"ITV gave me time off as I hadn't been feeling well," she explained. "The chickens came home to roost after long year, and I just took some holiday at home. I had a lot of sleep and medicine and feeling much better."

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