Katie Price says she 'won't stop' until she exposes ALL of Harvey's trolls as her petition gets 150,000 signatures

KATIE Price has vowed she 'won't stop' until she exposes ALL of Harvey's trolls as her petition gets 150,000 signatures.

The reality star is campaigning for those who abuse others online to be tracked and traced following the torment suffered by her son.

Katie, 42, is mum to 18-year-old Harvey who has severe autism, a rare complex genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome and is partially blind.

Explaining the driving factor behind her petition, Katie wrote for The Independent: "I’ve seen Harvey mocked and belittled since he was a small boy, because of his disabilities, and because of his race.

"Now that he’s 18, he understands that the treatment he receives from strangers is cruel and unfair.

"He’s said it himself: “People are horrible to me.” As a mother, that breaks my heart."

The mum-of-five wants to make it a requirement that individuals provide a verified for of ID in order to open a social media account.

Katie explained: "No troll should retain the right to be able to hide behind their abusive malicious posts.

"This is for the public good – but it’s also personal. I will leave no stone unturned – I won't stop until all of those who bully and victimise people like Harvey are exposed and held accountable."

She added: "This isn't a problem that will just go away – and neither will I. Like me or hate me, I am standing up for what is right.

"I have lived with trolls my entire professional life. I don't want that for my children, or my children's children."

Now that the petition has reached over 150,00 signatures, the subject will be debated in parliament.

A huge triumph for the star, but she said defiantly: "I’m not slowing down until it goes past a million.

"Once I get my teeth stuck into something, that’s it – there’s no giving up. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to lead the charge for kindness."

Earlier this week Harvey begged fans to sign the anti-trolling petition in a heart-breaking video shared by his mum.

In the clip, Katie says: "Do you want people to sign mummy's petition?" and he replies: "Yes, Track A Troll."

She continues: "Because it's people who do what to you, Harvey?"

Harvey says: "People who are horrible to me", adding that his mum will "tell off" those who abuse him.

Katie goes on: "Exactly, and then the police will tell them off, won't they? Because they mustn't be horrible.

"What must you do to people?"

The teen answers: "Be safe and happy", signing off the sweet video by thanking fans for signing.

Last week Katie revealed Harvey has been "missing his mummy cuddles" as he went back to residential school.

Earlier this month, the teen had his first day back in the classroom since the coronavirus lockdown was imposed.

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