Kay Burley faces backlash for saying Britons ‘completely behind’ Ukrainians in Dublin

Ukrainian refugees correct Kay Burley's geographical blunder

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Speaking to two women who had found safety in Dublin after fleeing a war-torn Ukraine, Kay Burley said on Sky News that British people were behind those seeking help. Some took to social media to point out that Britain consists of England, Wales and Scotland – not Ireland. Many fumed, arguing Kay should have known better for suggesting Britain could “take credit” for Ireland’s refugee response.

During the Sky News interview, Kay, 61, commented: “You know what ladies, I’m so pleased that you’re safe and what a terrible journey you have had.

“But hopefully, you can start to build a new life in Dublin, safe in the knowledge that the British people are completely behind you.”

The journalist and broadcaster added to her guests: “Thank you so much.”

One of the interviewees responded: “Thank you, and we want to thank Irish people, we are so grateful to Irish people for all the kindness and the hospitality that they treat us with.

“And our Irish family who host us – in this family, we are surrounded by care.

“We can feel family warmth and we really appreciate it.”

The conversation came as Ireland had already taken thousands of refugees and the country is set to take tens of thousands more.

Meanwhile, the UK had issued around 500 visas as of Tuesday.

Responding to the conversation on social media, many viewers were enraged.

Twitter user Ned Kelly wrote: “Could someone at @SkyNewsBreak please explain to @KayBurley that Dublin is not in Britain? #Ukraine.”

Kate Bell penned: “@KayBurley Dublin is not Britain, Irish are not British.”

@ShibArmyBull commented: “I’m particularly not nationalist but honestly, if it’s not Irish sports people or musicians it’s the generosity they’ll take the credit for, read a f***ing book.” (sic)

“The Brits are at it again. Thankfully these young ladies knew the truth and recognised the Irish for the kindness. You couldn’t make this s*** up,” @Dontevendare2 remarked.

Fintan McGeough fumed: “@KayBurley It unreal that it took a Ukrainian lady to point out to you that she was in Ireland and had no reason to be thankful to UK people.” (sic)

The criticism comes as Britain’s intake of refugees continues to be challenged and people call on the government to do more.

Britain has this week introduced a scheme which will see households receiving money to take in Ukrainian refugees.

“Homes for Ukraine” will let refugees from the war come to Britain even if they do not have family ties.

The government will pay households £350 if they can offer refugees a spare room or property for a minimum of six months.

Under the new scheme, members of the public, charities, businesses and community groups should be able to offer accommodation via a web page.

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