Late-Night Returns: Seth Meyers Thanks WGA Negotiating Committee, Fellow Talk Show Hosts & NBC

Seth Meyers opened his first Late Night show in five months with a long list of thank yous.

The comedian returns to NBC with an hour-long version of A Closer Look, his political segment, in which he touches on all of the news that broke over the summer.

But before he got into Trump indictments and lumpy pillows (see below), Meyers said that he was “grateful” to be back.

“I never take this show for granted but being away from it for as long as I’ve been away from it really hits home how much I love having this as a workplace,” he said.

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He thanked the WGA negotiating committee, which includes his friends Mike Schur and Kay Cannon, for their sacrifices to ensure a “fair” deal for the writers. He also apologized for pestering these friends during negotiations.

“I am so happy to be back in a room with my writers. I miss my writers so much. I was so happy to see them this morning, I will admit by lunch I was a little over it. They’re really talented. they just have a ton of opinions,” he joked.

Meyers also thanked his fellow Strike Force 5 co-hosts: Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and John Oliver. “It was great to have them. We talked a lot during the strike and being on the same page with them made a very hard period a lot easier to deal with,” he said.

He thanked his family for putting up with him, including his son. “I’ll never forget the day this summer where my seven year old came up to me and said not only do I not care what Rudy Giuliani did today I’m not gonna care what he does tomorrow,” he said.

He thanked the audience, both in the room and watching at home. “I know when you do a show like this… it becomes a habit to watch a show like this and I also appreciate that when you’re off for five months and break the habit. So, we really do genuinely appreciate you being back with us tonight and we promise to make it worth it for you.”

He thanked his crew for their patience “while we worked through this very necessary labor stoppage”.

Finally, and perhaps most surprisingly, he thanked NBC, where he has worked for 22 years including many years on Saturday Night Live.

“I have a great relationship with the people who run this place and even though we were on opposite sides during the strike, I want to thank them. They made some very compassionate choices about the people who work at this show and at this network and it did not go unnoticed. They have my gratitude for that,” he said.

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