Love Island fans ‘afraid’ of Mitchel after ‘fake’ Ella comment

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Love Island’s Mitchel Taylor branded couple Ella Barnes “fake” during last night’s episode, but left viewers reeling after asking to go exclusive on their date after lying to her.

As the Islanders were sleeping, Ella received a text which read: “Ella B and Mitch. It’s now time for your final date, please get ready to leave the Villa. #PieceOfParadise #HeartStrings”.

Arriving at their location, they were greeted by world-class musician and cellist HAUSER who delivered a magical performance for the couple.

Sitting down and reflecting on their journey, Mitchel said: “I’m very happy with how we are right now and this is exactly who I want to be spending this date with.”

Smiling, Ella said: “To be honest from the moment we had that date, I just knew we had a connection.”

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Before Mitchel took the plunge and asked if Ella wanted to be exclusive with him, completely unaware of the harsh comments he had said the night before.

Back at the villa, Zacharian Noble told Molly Marsh about Mitchel’s comments and explained: “He started saying Ella B is fake.”

Molly then told Whitney Adebayo about the comments leaving the gossip to be swirling around the villa and leaving Ella in the dark.

Viewers of the ITV2 reality show were left reeling at Mitchel and took to their Twitter accounts to call out his behaviour.

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@kalleighnorval asked: “Mitchel are you okay?? Last night Ella was fake and today you ask her to be exclusive. This is not gonna end well… #loveisland.”

@septimusajprime commented: “If Mitchel tells the islanders he’s exclusive with Ella B they’ll call him a game player. When Ella B finds out he called her fake he’s finished. Mitchel’s really dug his own grave this time #loveisland.”

@Ellieboo91 fumed: “How the f**k has Mitchel gone from saying Ella B is fake, to asking her to be exclusive?! Wtf man! What an absolute d***head. Such a creep. #LoveIsland.” (sic)


@septimusajprime penned: “Mitchel’s the most insane person to ever walk into love island. This guy called Ella B fake yesterday but has asked her to be exclusive today? Who did his psych evaluation??? #loveisland.”

@LilLadyLyss noted: “I’m sorry but I’m actually afraid of Mitch. Like there’s something seriously sinister about him that makes me feel uneasy. Major gaslighter and manipulator vibes #LoveIsland.” (sic)

Love Island airs weeknights and Sunday from 9pm on ITV2.

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