Love Island final 2021 looms as last four couples battle it out to be crowned this year's winners

THE Love Island 2021 final is looming, with one of this year's couples set to be crowned series champions tomorrow night.

But before that, the villa will be rocked as the Islanders come face to face with their partner's parents for the first time.

Tonight's special episode sees the likes of Faye and Liam put through their final tests.

Faye may have some explaining to do for her foul-mouthed tirade at Teddy, while Liam will have to confront Millie's dad after cheating on her.

Meanwhile, Liberty's mum has admitted she's pleased she didn't have to meet Jake after he left her daughter heartbroken.

It has also been confirmed that Love Island's explosive reunion show will be returning – for the first time in two years.

We can't wait to see what drama ensues!

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  • Tilly Pearce

    HERE… WE… GO!!!

    We'll be here live blogging tonight's events in real-time – giving all our thoughts and feelings on the episode as it plays out.

    First things first, we want to see what Toby and Chloe get up to on their Alice In Wonderland themed date…

  • Tilly Pearce


    Whose parents do you think are going to have some choice words to say to their loved ones new partners?

    Or do we reckon everyone's going to keep it sweet for the cameras?

  • Tilly Pearce


    If you really want to get into the Love Island spirit,why not try your hand at making one of their early morning coffees?

    Hugo Hammond has revealed all about the secrets of the drinks – which might be an acquired taste but the girls seem to like it.

    Here's the how-to video if you're interested…

  • Tilly Pearce


    Turns out that even being out of the Love Island villa isn't going to stop the drama from happening.

    In fact, a massive night out involving this year's islanders resulted in three of them coming down with coronavirus.

    Amy Day,Hugo Hammond, Aaron Francis, Harry Young, Brad McClelland, Georgia Townsend, AJ Bunker, Chuggs Wallis, Lillie Haynes, Jack Barlow, Medhy Malanda, Danny Bibby, Sam Jackson and Lucinda Strafford all hit the town in London.

    However, since the evening three stars have tested positive for Covid, including Amy.

  • Tilly Pearce


    Teddy has proven to be a favourite in the villa, even if his romance with Faye is a bit divisive, but one person who's not on his side is his ex.

    In an exclusive chat with The Sun, Flora – who dated Teddy for a year – labelled him 'vacuous' and claimed he once told her he hated 'fake' looking girls.

    “I was surprised when he went for her, as he told me he hated girls who were fake, and loved the natural look. He told my mum the same thing too. He would say he didn’t even like girls who wore loads of make-up. 

    “So Faye is the opposite of who I would have expected him to go for.

    “Maybe he genuinely likes her, maybe he’s just in it for the votes. But I don’t think they will last five minutes outside the villa. They definitely aren’t compatible at all."


  • Tilly Pearce


    On tonight's episode prepare for some tears as the cast's friends and family finally head into the villa for a surprise visit.

    And the stars can finally find out what their loved ones think of the pairings.

    One mum, in particular, seems to fully support the new other half in their child's life… offering them the chance to move in rent free!

    Who do you think got such a seal of approval?

    Find out here.

  • Tilly Pearce


    If you're going to get the pizza order in so it arrives in time for the show, start arguing about it now.

    This promises to be a good one so the last thing you need is the threat of the doorbell going mid-drama.

  • Tilly Pearce


    As we get ready for the final episodes in the villa – let's take a look back at this year's staggering line-up of islanders that didn't quite make the finish line.

    Whether they walked out, were dumped after just two days, or didn't survive Casa Amor, it's certainly been one hell of a season!

    Can you remember them all? Test yourself here.

  • Tilly Pearce


    Liberty Poole may have left the villa (despite being an absolute fave) but she has given her thoughts on who should take home the cash.

    Millie and Liam!

    Despite her bestie Kaz staying strong with Tyler, Liberty reckons that the Essex Girl and Welsh Lad are a real life Gavin and Stacey.

    Read what she had to say here:

  • Tilly Pearce


    Mary might have left the villa last week but Unseen Bits on Saturday night certainly threw up some cracking scenes involving the now dumped islander.

    In one scene, she revealed to Aaron her secret connection to Loose Women, leaving him stunned.

    Can you guess her connection?

    Watch the full scene here

    Love Island fans blown away as Mary reveals secret connection to Loose Women favourite

  • Tilly Pearce


    While everyone was gutted to see Liberty pack her bags and leave the villa on Friday alongside Jake, we don't think this is the last we'll see of her.

    In fact, she'll be quids in on her return to the UK, ready to rake in up to half a million by the end of the year alone.

    This includes sponsored posts, Instagram takings and ad deals.

    Go get your cash, girl!


  • Tilly Pearce


    We can't believe this year's Love Island is nearly over (and there's a chance that the gang is literally packing their bags to head into isolation as we speak!)

    Who are you wanting to win?

    According to Paddy Power, Liam and Millie are the ones to beat.

    Current odds stand as:

    Millie and Liam – 5/6

    Chloe and Toby – 5/4

    Faye and Teddy – 7/1

    Kaz and Tyler – 14/1

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    In all the parent excitement we almost forgot that Chloe and Toby's romantic final date will air this evening too.

    The fun-loving pair will be surprised with a treasure hunt – could there be a more apt date for them both?

    We can't wait to watch it unfold!

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    This is your four hour warning before tonight's Love Island – stock up on snacks, and maybe invest in some tissues; the parents are entering the villa and it's sure to be emotional!

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Speaking of iconic Unseen Bits moments, one of the highlights was undoubtedly Millie spilling the beans on her secret Justin Bieber fanpage – which has finally been unearthed.

    The beauty was bursting with pride as she told her co-stars that Justin followed the account she’d run on Twitter at the age of 13, and it’s safe to say she looked unrecognisable as a fresh-faced Belieber.

    Click here to read more about Millie’s fanpage – and take a peek at the adorable unseen throwbacks!

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Speaking of our exclusive interview with Lib, she also had her say on claims Jake was "emotionally abusive" in the villa.

    The 21-year-old former Nandos waitress has addressed fan claims in an exclusive interview with The Sun.

    Campaigners insisted his behaviour towards her on the show amounted to  “negging” – where a man makes flirty but negative comments to belittle a partner to change them.

    Meanwhile, the decision to split from Jake, and eventually walk from the villa, meant the pair missed out on a chance to win £50,000 in Monday’s grand final.

    But she said she would’ve been cheating the ITV2 show’s viewers if they’d stayed in just to try and win.

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Show quitter Liberty Poole has backed one couple only to win Love Island 2021.

    She told The Sun the pair are ‘soul mates’ and will swipe the £50k prize from their competitors on Monday night.

    This is despite the bookies backing another couple to win with higher odds.

    Liberty is also certain the lovebirds will get married despite almost splitting up in the villa.

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Meanwhile, we exclusively caught up with Teddy’s ex, and she had some less-than-kind words to say about the fan favourite.

    Flora Waterhouse, who dated the financial consultant for a year, believes he is faking his interest in Faye, as he’d once told her he hated “plastic” looking girls.

    And she said his calm response to Faye’s fiery bust-ups on screen will be secretly killing him, as he can’t stand to be out of control.”

    She added: “He doesn’t have any b***s or a backbone. You can see it in the way he just sits behind Faye as she kicks off at others.”


    Read her full explosive interview here

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Liberty and Jake's parents might not be entering the villa tonight after the couple sensationally split and quit, but her mum has still had her say.

    The beauty's mum has admitted that she is "heartbroken" over how Jake treated her daughter, adding "she deserved true love".

    We couldn't agree more!

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Love Island might be all over tomorrow night, but earlier this week we revealed that the show's big reunion episode will be back for the first time in TWO Years.

    There's lots of opportunities for fireworks this year as Millie and Liam could be confronted with Casa Amor's Lillie – who almost split them up for good.

    Meanwhile, Kaz and Tyler could come face-to-face with Clarisse – who was also a victim of an on and off-again romance in the second villa.


  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Dumped Islander Abigail Rawling revealed on her Instagram page last night that she and the other girls have a secret pact to get matching tattoos once they've all reunited in the real world.

    Abi didn't reveal exactly what the inking will consist of, but it will be a permanent memento of their time in the Majorca villa.

    We can't wait to see it!

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    If you fancy a Sunday afternoon pick-me-up, did you see we'd shared the recipe and top secret ingredient needed to make the famous Love Island coffee?

    Why don't you give it a try?

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    And in addition to the parents going into the villa, Chloe and Toby will be getting their final date – and it couldn't be more apt.

    Friday night's first look at tonight's episode showed the fun-loving duo get surprised with a treasure hunt!

    We'd take that over a romantic dinner any day of the week…

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    And if tomorrow's final wasn't enough to get you excited, tonight's Love Island is set to be a banger – with the finalists' parents entering the villa to meet their partners.

    Which contestant do you reckon is the most scared of facing the wrath of an angry relative?

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Ermmmmm…. Did you all realise that this year's grand final is officially TOMORROW?

    Just one more day and we will know who our 2021 champs are, who are you backing?

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