Love Island set for another shock dumping – meaning at least one couple won’t make final

Love Island is set to dump more contestants from the villa in tonight’s episode – just days before the final.

At the end of Tuesday night's episode, the public vote opened for viewers to save the couple they believe are the most compatible, leaving them all in jeopardy.

Shockingly, this means that none of the remaining islanders are guaranteed to make it to the show’s final that will air next Monday night.

The announcement from the ITV2 show had viewers fearing their favourites could leave the villa without a chance to win the £50k prize.

One person on Twitter demanded: "I need y'all to vote wisely tonight.”

Before another asked: “Who's getting dumped???"

The announcement came after the very dramatic Love Island Grafties. The award ceremony had almost all of the couples reeling when they played previous clips of bad behaviour.

Tyrique Hyde and Lochan Nowacki came to blows after Lochan’s Grafties nomination for ‘Most Snakey Sitch’. The couples watched as they showed a clip of Lochan chatting to Whitney Adebayo about Abi Moores’ connection with Mitch Taylor.

Tyrique got annoyed and said: “Lochan be pillow-talking with his girl too much.”

Having become exclusive at the beginning of Tuesday’s episode, Whitney came to her boyfriend’s defence but that just riled Tyrique up even more.

Tyrique asked: “Why have you told Whitney Mitch’s information? Why?”

Lochan closed down their argument as soon as Tyrique told Whitney to “shush”.

But that was nothing compared to the explosive row that came at the very end of the episode.

Mitch went up to get his award for ‘Mad Moves’ and started off by giving an apology to Abi and Ella Barnes. However at the end, asked “if anyone had anything to add to the mad moves” before saying “No? That’s what I thought.”

Scott van-der-Sluis branded Mitch a k***head for his speech leading to a very tense exchange between them.

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their opinion on the dramatic episode.

One person said: “Is it just me or is Mitch now bullying Abi? Or something? Why is he so obsessed with Scott and Abi?”

Another added: “Mitch is in for a shock when he finds out how much we all prefer Scott”

A third made the point: “Well he (Mitch) got everyone talking about him, got lots of screen time and got a couple of awards to boot! Somehow he’s winning!”

Could the repercussions of Tuesday night’s episode be reflected in the public vote?

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