Love Island’s Paige breaks down in tears over Jacques and Jay love triangle

It was an explosive episode of Love Island tonight, after Jay Younger and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu came to blows over him expressing his interest in Paige Thorne, who ended up in tears.

The 20 year old paramedic has found herself at the centre of a love triangle that she didn't particularly ask for, after Jay decided to pursue his interest in getting to know her – letting his partner Ekin-Su, 27, and Paige's partner Jacques, 23, know his intentions.

After 28 year old Jay spoke to Jacques, the laid-back rugby player expressed his appreciation at Jay's honesty before he did anything, and ended up encouraging him to get to know Paige, saying : "Yeah sweet, crack on".

Jacques then spoke to Paige and relayed what had happened and his laidback attitude about the whole scenario left Paige a little unsteady.

He said: "Jay just pulled me for a chat then – he said he wants to get to know you, and I was like yeah crack on."

"He was on about it, you wouldn't be the first so…", to which a clearly put-out Paige said: "Fair enough".

He then said: "Any lad could come in here and say 'I want to get with Paige, go ahead lad, go ahead".

She tried to put on a brave face and said "nothing" when Jacques asked her what was wrong, as Luca and Gemma looked on.

Later though, Paige broke down in tears in the Beach Hut.

She said: "If I feel like I have a connection and I have something good with one person, like yeah I can have a conversation with Jay but like my mind's not in it with Jay,

"My mind is still on him [Jacques]"

She also burst into tears when speaking to Tasha in the dressing room, before Jaques came to comfort her.

Initially, when Jay spoke to Ekin-Su and told her his intentions, the Turkish actress seemed to take it well, with Jay later telling Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack that "it couldn't have gone any better", however it seems it was too good to be true.

After fuming away in the dressing room for a moment, Ekin-Su came striding back out into the garden ready for round two with Jay, which is when she told him what she really thought of him.

She branded him "muggy" and a "player" and even told him to "f**k off".

During the spoiler clip, Ekin-Su says: "It's just hit me now, what you've done… you're telling me now you want to get to know Paige, she's in a secure relationship. Do you know how muggy that makes you look?"

To which Jay responds: "Well, I was getting to know you… and things just…"


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