Lucy Spraggan shares how Simon Cowell helped her after sexual assault

Lorraine: Lucy Spraggan on Simon Cowell’s apology

The X Factor contestant Lucy Spraggan, 32, has shared how Simon Cowell helped her after he found out she was sexually assaulted in 2012 when she was on the ITV series.

Lucy told host Christine Lampard on Wednesday’s instalment of Lorraine: “Someone from Simon’s entourage rang me up and said, ‘Do you mind if Simon calls you?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I am going to give him a piece of my mind.'”

However, the singer said the music mogul apologised straight away, claiming “he was the first person to apologise”.

Reflecting on their conversation, Lucy added: “I thought I was going to go into this super angry.”

Simon was not part of The X Factor that year as he was working in America, with Lucy explaining she’d never ever met him during her time on the talent show.

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Lucy claimed: “He called me and he said, ‘Sorry I’ve been thinking about you and I just want to apologise.’ Honestly, that made things so much better for me.”

The singer went on to tell Christine she is now in a good place in her life, telling ITV viewers she’s still “first and foremost a musician”.

“I don’t know where I’d be without music,” Lucy stressed. “Music is my favourite thing in the world and it’s a real privilege to have a career this whole time despite the bad things that have happened, I love what I do.”

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Simon issued a statement earlier this month which read: “What happened to Lucy was horrific and heartbreaking.

“When I was given the opportunity to speak to Lucy, I was able to personally tell her how sorry I was about everything she has been through.

“Although we met under tragic circumstances, a genuine friendship and a mutual respect has developed between us. Lucy is one of the most authentic, talented, and brave people I have ever met.”

Simon, 63, said he’s had the “honour” to work with Lucy and has “always supported her wish to tell her story”.

The hotel porter was arrested after sufficient evidence was gathered against them in 2013 and they were subsequently imprisoned for 10 years after pleading guilty.

Lucy, who was 20 years old at the time of the assault, was celebrating fellow contestant Rylan Clark’s birthday in London, ITV has stated.

ITV issued a statement to the BBC saying it is evolving its duty of care processes, with both broadcasters saying they were recruiting more registered psychologists to support programmes in their duty of care to contributors.

Lorraine continues on weekdays at 9am on ITV and ITVX.

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