Mack is relieved to survive after a big mistake in Emmerdale – but not for long

Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) is like a human shuttlecock pinging from one woman to the next in Emmerdale as he can’t seem to decide whether he wants to be with Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) or Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland).

After Charity’s world came tumbling down at the discovery that Mackenzie – whom she’d recently married – was the father of Chloe Harris’s baby, Reuben, there seemed no way back for the couple.

Wanting to make a family for Reuben, Mack pledged his future to Chloe, who was delighted that he was making a commitment to her and her son.

That commitment didn’t last long at all, as last week we saw Mackenzie unable to resist the lure of Charity. The pair slept together after Mack visited Charity to discuss Reuben’s christening, leaving Charity hoping that a reunion was on the cards.

During the christening service, Mackenzie told Chloe that he loves her, apparently reaffirming his decision to put all thoughts of Charity behind him. The risk was that Charity could destroy this by telling Chloe exactly what went on when Mackenzie came to see her, but in the end she decided not to do that.

In upcoming episodes Mack is keenly aware that he risked everything by sleeping with Charity and he’s grateful that he’s apparently survived this unscathed.

But has he, though? Even as Charity tries to move on by dating the first man to walk through the doors of the Woolpack (he’s called Liam and yes, he is scared), we know that there’s going to be at least one more huge twist in this story.

Show boss Jane Hudson has promised that the Charity/Mack/Chloe love triangle will be one of the main storylines during what’s come to be known as Super Soap Week in October.

‘If there is ever a plot to explode around that time, it’s a love triangle that involves Charity!’ she said. ‘I would watch this space for another couple of months.’

And it looks like it might be a very good idea for Mackenzie to watch his back. Hell hath no fury like Charity Dingle.

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