MAFS star labels co-stars ‘bitter’ and ‘calculated’ in furious rant

Married At First Sight UK star Georges Berthonneau, 30, has spoken out about "bitter" cast members who have come into the hit show late and are trying to "shake-up" and ruin the viewing experience for fans watching at home.

Fans of the show have already enjoyed a whopping eight weddings so far this series but eight new sexy singletons are set to join and marry their partner after meeting them for the first time at the alter.

Latecomers are keen to make a lasting impression on the show, but some, according to Georges, are willing to go to any great length to succeed.

Sports rehabilitator Georges from Surrey told the Daily Star: "Some are clearly very genuine, others are clearly actors. I'm not going to name names but one of the individual said to me, 'If I argue with everyone it's going to amplify my screen time'. So I was like 'that's not a very healthy way of looking at it, it's not about screen time, you're here to meet someone and work on your connection' but I felt quite a lot people were calculated."

He also added that the biggest problem is that some people "are bitter" and this is when storyline leaks emerge.

He said: "What they do is 'f**k I don't care' but for the people who have leaked stuff remember you don't know when it happens, you don't know how it happens. There's a lot of mind games."

Leaked upcoming storylines have included a rumoured shock exit, a punch-up between two grooms and even a steamy, unexpected affair.

Fans have watched Georges marry technology risk partner Peggy last week, but the couple have been off to a rocky start with a series of rows and fall-outs following their nuptials – with huge drama on their honeymoon. Despite this, Georges insisted the pair are "really well matched."

He explained: "I wanted somebody ambitious, somebody driven, someone who's ascetically pleasing. People forget that because when they meet me on the wedding day it's boobs this and boobs that. It is very much people have forgotten Peggy is everything I asked for."

Touchingly, Georges added that he'd "never dream in upsetting her or her family" admitting that he knows how much they mean to her.

Georges grew up in Romsey and spent most of his childhood in private school followed by boarding school and previous to marrying Peggy he was single for four years.

Before heading onto the show, he spoke about aspiring to live a life of luxury and with his Instagram followers nearly doubled in just over a week to nearly 9,000k he seems to be on the right path.

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