MAFS UK secrets: Brides given one week to find dream wedding dress

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Married at First Sight UK’s latest series is well underway, having undergone the first commitment ceremony of the season last week. While some couples are growing closer with each episode, some are still struggling to find their footing. The E4 dating show began with the fairytale weddings, although there is a last-minute rush ahead of the big days for that all-important wedding dress.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from MAFS UK.

In the first week of MAFS UK, fans saw each of the couples tie the knot, despite having never laid eyes on each other before meeting at the altar.

The weddings are usually stunning and the brides even more so with their lavish gowns.

While fans see them all nervously walk down the aisle to meet their new spouses, very little is shown in terms of the preparation beforehand.

This is because the brides aren’t given months to try on different wedding dresses, like most engaged women. 

Season six star Marilyse Corrigan opened up last year about how the producers would give them one week to find their dress.

Speaking to Grazia, Marilyse explained: “The producers literally sent me the money and they were like you need to go get your dress, you’ve got a week to get one.

“I was having to ring round all the dress shops around my area and half of them weren’t open because of Covid.

“But I explained to them that I was doing a TV show, and I was desperate for a dress.”

She continued: “And it was a nightmare. It was the one thing that was putting me off appearing on the show because I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m just going to have to settle for anything, you know.’

“But then I did find a beautiful shop in Pocklington, which is in Yorkshire.

“And the first dress I tried, I loved and I was like, that’s the one.”

While brides could pick a dress for themselves, the contestants’ alcohol consumption was monitored to an extent.

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Former star Alexis Economou told OK! Magazine that there was some control over how much they all drank but “there’s no major limit as in you can only have one or two”.

But when Bob Voysey opened up to Grazia, he said they all got very drunk the first week and so the producers took away more of the alcohol in the second week.

This didn’t stop them from getting hands-on as they managed to smuggle bottles in via the women’s handbags.

He confessed: “We all thought, ‘Sod it, we’re all going to bring our own drink.'”

Married at First Sight UK will see two new couples introduced to the rest of the group as “intruders”.

These will be Johnathan and Sophie, and Matt and Gemma, who have also been matched by the experts.

But how will they get along with the rest of the contestants and how will their own marriages play out?

MAFS UK season 7 continues Monday to Thursday at 9pm on E4.

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