Matt Baker clashes with wife as he tries to fix mum's farm after life-changing accident

MATT Baker told his wife to "stop talking" as they clashed while fixing his mum's roof on Our Farm in the Dales.

The former One Show presenter moved back up north to help his parents run their remote 100-acre sheep farm, documenting the process for the Channel 4 series.

Matt, 43, was busy mending his parents barn roof, when his wife Nicola Mooney appeared.

She was honest about Matt's handiwork, jokingly telling him to "hurry up" and that the "hole was getting bigger".

Matt asked: "How's it looking?"

She replied: "The hole is definitely bigger than it was.

"You are going to get it done before it rains again, aren't you?"

Matt responded: "I'm working as quick as I can here." But Nicola commented: "I think you need to hurry up."

"You need to stop talking to me and let me crack on," he remarked as Nicola laughed.

"You're putting me off," he added.

Matt spotted that the roof was leaking and daughter Molly, 10, helped him use buckets to collect the water.

Matt wanted to keep all chickens together and under one roof for the winter, so his mum could reach them easier.

Matt's parents needed his help after his mum Janice badly hurt herself after being knocked over by some of her sheep.

Her accident left the family fearing for the farm's future, and in one scene, Matt suggested one way to save the farm was to change their flock of sheep.

He said: "The Hampshire Downs that we have bred here for years are big sheep. They are on the large end of the scale as far as sheep are concerned.

“I think, now at the stage that you’re in and what has happened that, and this will be hard to hear as you’ve put so much effort into the flock that we’ve got.

“I just don’t think that they are the way forward, for you now."

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