Michael Jackson’s son Prince hits out at Harry Styles as he defends dad’s legacy
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    Fans of Good Morning Britain were forced to do another take as they branded Michael Jackson's son Prince Jackson well rounded and humble on the ITV show.

    The son of singer Michael Jackson appeared on the ITV breakfast show on Friday, as he was interviewed by Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins about his father's legacy.

    But as he spoke openly to the presenters, fans couldn't help but mention how well rounded Prince came across was and how confident he appeared when being interviewed.

    Sharing their thoughts on the King of Pop's son, fans headed straight to Twitter.

    One person penned: "Prince seems so well rounded."

    Another impressed fan penned: "Great interview with Prince Jackson. His positivity comes across so well.. #GMB."

    A third chimed: "Prince Jackson is a smart dude. His dad would be very proud along with his other siblings. #GMB."

    Meanwhile a fourth added: "Prince Jackson seems a very level headed young man."

    While speaking candidly to the GMB presenters, Prince also responded to recent comments regarding Harry Styles being labelled the new King of Pop- a title that has been associated with Michael.

    Although Prince agreed Harry was a great musician overall, he insisted his dad's title was earned throughout the years from the calibre of music.

    Price said: "Harry Styles is an incredible artist and he's got his own genre. He's an amazing artist but the King of Pop was a moniker my dad really earned during a time when the access to information, the access to popularity and fame wasn't as possible as it is today.

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