Neighbours betrayal as Kyle Canning for affair with Chloe Brennan in heartbreaking twist?

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Kyle (played by Chris Milligan) recently discovered he has testicular cancer and he has only confided in a handful of people about his diagnosis, including girlfriend Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) and best friend, Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Maloney). However, during Thursday’s edition of Neighbours, the latter was forced to confess to Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) their friend had just undergone an operation to remove cancer, which resulted in both his testicles being taken out. With Chloe later visiting her friend in the hospital, Kyle’s other half became extremely jealous so could the bosses of the Channel 5 soap be lining up an affair twist in the near future?

Following his operation, Kyle was hoping his girlfriend would be waiting for him so they could hear how the surgery went together.

Unfortunately, Roxy was busy trying to make sure her boyfriend’s grandmother, Sheila Canning (Colette Mann), didn’t find out what her grandson was going through.

This meant he was extremely cold towards his girlfriend when she turned up at the hospital and even Toadie was shocked to see his friend being so distant.

When Chloe turned up after hearing the news from Toadie, she offered Kyle the support he felt his partner wasn’t providing.

As he explained he didn’t want sympathy from the residents of Ramsay Street over the next few months, Chloe shared her thoughts on having an illness.

After she arrived on the soap in 2018, Chloe was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease and this has been mentioned many times in several storylines over the years.

Having seen her own mother die from the condition, the Lassiters Hotel’s assistant manager explained how she makes the most of every day.

She also told her friend how hard it can be living with an illness but she encouraged him to accept the support from his loved ones.

Neither of the characters realised Roxy was listening in and she was devastated to see her boyfriend opening up about cancer in a way he had never done with her.

When they arrived at Lassiters where they were going to spend the night to avoid Sheila, Roxy lost it with her partner.

Chloe is the best human

Neighbours viewer

She explained to him how hurt she felt to see him talking to Chloe about his illness rather than her and to make matters worse, Sheila turned up.

Feeling angry with Kyle for what she’s witnessed, Roxy told her boyfriend’s grandmother everything just before the closing credits rolled.

Unable to forgive his other half for breaking his trust, Kyle could decide to end things with Roxy as he continues on his cancer journey alone.

This would be heartbreaking for the young barmaid but instead of asking her to be his support as a friend, Kyle could turn to Chloe.

The hotel’s assistant manager is single at the moment and is starting to lose faith she will ever get back together with her girlfriend, Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes).

As Kyle and Chloe begin to spend more time together, it could become evident there is a chemistry there as they bond over their health problems.

Knowing they both need a source of comfort following their heartbreaks as well, they could begin an affair to be there for one another.

Not wanting their former lovers to find out the truth, they could keep their romance a secret and take every stolen moment when they can.

However, if Roxy or Nicolette were to discover what had been happening, they would be more than furious at their exes.

Could the lovers do more harm than good by pursuing a new romance and will they think differently if they realise how much hurt they’re causing?

Viewers will watch in the coming weeks as Roxy decides to propose to her boyfriend in the hope marriage will help them work through their issues.

Kyle is over the moon to accept but Sheila is more concerned the pair are rushing into things and they should take some time to think about it.

However, her grandson manages to convince her this is the right thing to do and the Canning matriarch jumps onboard.

But, could Kyle be agreeing to go ahead with the nuptials so he can distract himself from his feelings for Chloe?

If he can’t go through with the wedding, this is when he could break things off with Roxy before starting treatment with Chloe by his side.

Taking to Twitter, viewers commented on the interaction between Chloe and Kyle, with Johnathon writing: “Chloe being there for Kyle while Roxy listens in, such a good use of these characters #Neighbours.”

Carys posted: “Chloe and Kyle’s friendship is so wholesome. Chloe is the best human. She’s at her best right now.

“Just hope Roxy can find support from someone if Kyle is pushing her away…this is heartbreaking,” they continued.

Cat shared: “Just a two-minute scene of the ‘Huntington’s Gal’ relating to Kyle whose just had his cancer removed and validating Kyle’s feelings because Chloe is just the best human.”

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

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