New The Incredibles 2 poster brings Edna Mode to New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week kicked off this week, and of course The Incredibles‘ breakout character, superhero costume designer extraordinaire Edna Mode, is in attendance… kind of.

Thanks to new posters for the upcoming sequel The Incredibles 2, keen fans have spotted everyone’s favourite designer around Manhattan, casting her critical eye over the new season’s catwalks and street-style opportunities.

It’s a good thing capes aren’t in this season, is all we can say.

The poster features a close up of Edna, along with the caption: “It’s been too long, dahlings.”

And, once the poster was noticed and shared around social media, the official Disney Pixar Twitter account also added their two cents to Edna’s appearance, adding: “If you thought she’d miss , you thought wrong, dahling.”

Edna’s sighting is the latest advert for the sequel to the 2004 Pixar hit, which will be released in cinemas later this year.

Despite the 14 year gap between films, it’s been confirmed that most of the team behind the first film will be back to work on its sequel, while the movie itself picks up exactly where the first left off.

“You know that at the end of the first movie when he comes up and you see the family dressed as superheroes, well that’s where we start this movie,” Pixar boss John Lasseter explained.

We still haven’t seen much footage from the film, and we’ve yet to get a full trailer for it either, but there’s still plenty of appetite for the long-awaited sequel, with the film’s teaser trailer becoming the most watched animated teaser ever when it debuted in November.

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