Peaky Blinders fans in tears as beloved character dies ‘So cruel!’

Peaky Blinders' Natasha O'Keeffe recalls costume incident

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Peaky Blinders returned with another episode on BBC One and Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) grew more concerned about his daughter. Ruby (Orla McDonagh) had been diagnosed with consumption, and she was undergoing extensive hospital treatment. At the end of the episode Lizzie (Natasha O’Keeffe) revealed some harrowing news about his little girl.


Tommy Shelby went above and beyond to find a cure for his daughter in the latest episode.

Believing she had been cursed due to her distressing hallucinations, he knew exactly where to look for answers.

He paid a visit to John’s wife Esme (Aimee-Ffion Edwards) in the hope she could explain what was going on.

Esme took Tommy to a Gypsy graveyard, where she recalled a story about a little girl who had died.

As Tommy approached Connie Barwell’s grave, Esme explained how Connie’s mother could have laid the curse on young Ruby.

She recalled: “You gave a sapphire to a woman called Bethany Barwell.

“She took the stone back to her camp. She gave the sapphire to her sister, Evadne Barwell.

“Evadne put the stone around the neck of her daughter, a little girl.

“Straight away the little girl began to cough, she died that night. Seven years old.”

Ruby was the same age as Connie and so Esme believed Connie’s mother was out for revenge on Tommy.

Overcome with fear and frustration, Tommy vowed to track Connie’s mother down to correct the wrongdoing.

However, he was too late as by the time he had returned to the hospital, Ruby was already dead.

Lizzie approached him in tears, screaming: “Where were you? Where the f**k were you?

“She’s gone, Tommy. She’s gone. Just now, five seventeen. You weren’t f*****g here, were you?

“Now she’s gone to where they put the dead. She was asking just now for you.

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“I gave her your kiss goodbye.” Tommy stood speechless as Lizzie sank to the floor.

The episode drew to a close before fans were able to see Tommy process the devastating news.

Viewers took to Twitter to express their sadness as the Birmingham South MP was too late to say goodbye to his child.

TAY said: “Waiting for Tommy to now go on a mad one. Can’t believe they done that with Ruby #PeakyBlinders.”

Alex Dowling shared: “Poor Ruby so heartbreaking this is why TB was a killer back in the 1930s.#PeakyBlinders.”

Kelly added: “Man this ending of #PeakyBlinders just broken my heart…poor Ruby!!”

Dougie shared: “Tommy’s gonna watch the world burn now isn’t he now Ruby is dead.”

Peaky Blinders returns on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One

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