Piers Morgan fumes over 'unprofessional' Good Morning Britain staff – before admitting he forgot to wear earpiece

PIERS Morgan admitted he was about to explode at his "unprofessional" Good Morning Britain colleagues – before realising the gaffe was his fault.

The 55-year-old forgot to wear his earpiece that allows him to be given instructions from the gallery while presenting live TV.

He'd left it in his dressing room before going on air at 6.30am – forcing an employee to get him a last-minute replacement.

"Good Morning Britain," said Piers as he kicked off the breakfast show.

"I was just about to do my big opening of the show to do the headlines and everything else.

"Then I realised something was wrong. No one was giving me my cues from the gallery and I was about to launch into my usual 'what is wrong with these people, why can't they be more professional?'

"Then I realised I hadn't actually put my earpiece in. I had left it back in the make-up room."

Asked if he could a replacement, Piers added: "It does make everything a lot easier, otherwise I'm flying blind."

His co-host Susanna Reid warned Piers not to break social distancing rules as he went to pick up the new earpiece.

Someone working behind the scenes placed the bit of tech on a desk two metres away from Piers, who then went to pick it up once they had walked away.

"OK, we're now reconnected," said Piers.

"Unfortunately I can now hear the director, that is the problem. I sort of preferred it without."

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