Piers Morgan REJECTS Good Morning Britain return as he lines up ‘global project’

Piers Morgan’s stance on Meghan Markle discussed by Dr Shola

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Earlier this week it was reported the former presenter of Good Morning Britain had won his complaints battle against the Duchess of Sussex and Ofcom following comments he made about the royal in March this year. The 40-year-old sparked backlash from GMB viewers in March after he labelled Meghan Markle’s claims in her Oprah Winfrey interview as false. Piers’ remarks led him to storm off the ITV set and as a result, he decided to leave his role on the breakfast show. Since the news surfaced of Pier’s Ofcom victory, it sparked rumours of a possible return to GMB.

However, the Life Stories presenter has since shut down any speculation about his GMB comeback.

He went on to tease he is already working on an exciting new project.

It comes after Piers joking tweeted about getting his presenting job back.

In view of his 7.9million followers, he wrote: “I’m delighted OFCOM has endorsed my right to disbelieve the Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s incendiary claims to Oprah Winfrey, many of which have proven to be untrue.”

He continued: “This is a resounding victory for free speech and a resounding defeat for Princess Pinocchios. Do I get my job back?”

Speaking to the Daily Mail about the tweet, Piers said: “I put that post on social media asking if I’d get my job back to prove a point.

“I wouldn’t go back without a public apology and I’m not going to get one.”

“I’ve got much bigger things coming up,” he teased. “The future is exciting. The next project is global, it’s big.”

In March, Prince Harry and Meghan issued a formal complaint about Piers to ITV and Ofcom regarding his comments about the Duchess of Sussex.

At the time, more than 57,000 viewers complained to TV watchdog, Ofcom, but it has since been confirmed an investigation has found no wrongdoing by the journalist.

After an investigation into the explosive TV moment, Ofcom said in a statement: “Consistent with freedom of expression, Mr Morgan was entitled to say he disbelieved the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s allegations and to hold and express strong views that rigorously challenged their account.

“The code allows for individuals to express strongly held and robustly argued views, including those that are potentially harmful or highly offensive, and for broadcasters to include these in their programming.”

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The statement concluded: “The restriction of such views would, in our view, be an unwarranted and chilling restriction on freedom of expression both of the broadcaster and the audience.”

ITV also issued a statement welcoming Ofcom’s verdict that GMB didn’t breach the broadcast standards.

“The ruling sets out clearly that it was the balance and context the programme-makers provided which was key in mitigating against the potential for harm and offence which could have been caused by Piers Morgan’s comments,” a spokesperson for ITV explained.

“It is because of the programme’s editorial decisions and the opposing views which were forcefully expressed by other presenters and guests, that the programme did not breach Ofcom’s rules.”



In March 2021, Piers stormed off the GMB set after he clashed with his co-star Alex Beresford over his comments about the Duchess of Sussex.

Shortly after, the presenter bid farewell to the programme and his co-host Susanna Reid.

ITV hasn’t replaced Piers with a permanent presenter, although ever since his exit, they have welcomed a number of guest presenters.

Richard Madeley, Adil Ray and Richard Bacon have all stepped in to co-host the programme in recent months,

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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