Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘hurt’ as Netflix show misfires with US audience
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    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly feeling "hurt" after their Netflix series Live to Lead flopped stateside.

    Hot off the heels of their own Netflix series, Harry & Meghan, the Sussexes are reported to be hurt after discovering that their second Netflix offering of the year didn’t even crack the Top 100 TV shows.

    The couple executive produced the series, making an appearance in it while also serving as presenters.

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    An American PR expert, who goes by the alias "Royal Tea" on social media, tweeted: "'Live to Lead' from the Sussexes and the Mandela Foundation has had very little press coverage and promotion behind it, which is strange given their association and the impressive list of bold names involved."

    She added that the pair appeared to have garnered the spotlight with their tell-all gossip doc before swiftly drawing the public’s eye to their other projects, adding: "It is one of the first tests commercially of their brand strategy to pull people in [with] personal drama and hope they stay for the philanthropy.

    "With little to no PR, a Saturday/holiday release, and no gossip to drive organic press, it didn’t even crack the Top 100 TV shows.”

    The expert also claimed that their name alone isn’t as powerful as they might believe. is a follow-up to the six-part documentary series about their lives, released earlier in the month.

    Royql exert Mr Sacerdoti, said: “Personally I found Live to Lead boring. Harry and Meghan aren’t known by many as great leaders, they’re better known as quitters. They quit the working royal family and they quit the UK.

    “They haven’t really contributed to humanity in the way many of the people appearing in the series have. Obviously there must be a hope that they will attract attention to the series because they’re famous, but I don’t think their cameos in the opening sequence of each episode will be enough to make people stick with the series.”

    "The way it’s being handled feels like a throwaway project to fulfil a contract. Maybe they had to hit a certain number of Netflix projects by the end of this year.

    "The one thing that is clear is that the Sussex name alone isn’t enough to drive views, which will hurt them."

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