Reese Witherspoon: How Much Is The Actress Really Worth?

Reese Witherspoon is one of the most well-known and revered actresses in Hollywood. From her early starring roles in films to her recent ventures in TV, Witherspoon is no stranger to success. Many fans remember the actress as the young, lovable Elle Woods in the Legally Blonde movies — and now, nearly 20 years after originally portraying the iconic role, Witherspoon has only garnered more success in Tinseltown. Several decades into her career, there’s no denying the Walk the Line star’s impact on the entertainment industry. 

While Witherspoon has enjoyed her time on the big and small screen, she hasn’t limited her horizons to just acting. She is also a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur and, combined with her acting efforts, Witherspoon has made a comfortable living for herself. As a continuous force in Hollywood and beyond, fans are naturally curious about how much money Witherspoon has made from her long and storied career. Let’s take a look at how much Witherspoon and all of her ventures are worth in 2021.

Reese Witherspoon's net worth has grown tremendously over her career

Because Reese Witherspoon is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, it’s not surprising to learn that she’s a millionaire many times over. According to Celebrity Net Worth, however, the actress isn’t just worth a few million — she has a net worth of $200 million! Of course, when you break down Witherspoon’s acting history and business ventures, the number becomes a little less shocking. 

Witherspoon got her acting start in the ’90s, taking a number of film roles throughout the decade. However, it was 1999’s Cruel Intentions that helped thrust the actress into the mainstream spotlight. By 2001, she reached new success with her role in Legally Blonde. By 2005, Witherspoon starred in the critically-acclaimed Walk The Line, which landed her a Golden Globe as well as an Oscar. In more recent ventures, Witherspoon has taken roles in HBO shows like Big Little Lies and Little Fires Everywhere, which have been successes with both critics and fans.

While Witherspoon is best known as an actress, she has other business successes, too. She’s the founder of a clothing line called Draper James and producer of a number of films and TV shows (including The Morning Show, in which she also stars). In 2016, she even founded her own production company, Hello Sunshine (via Hollywood Reporter). Clearly, Witherspoon has built an empire over her decades-long career — and her net worth certainly represents that. 

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