'RHOSLC': Meredith Marks Addresses 'Lies' in Lisa Barlow's Hot Mic 'Tirade': 'Maybe It's Projecting'

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Lisa Barlow went off on longtime friend and cast member Meredith Marks behind closed doors. Her rant, which was caught on her body microphone, contained ruthless remarks about her friend that left many viewers wondering if her comments were accurate. Marks defended herself against Barlow’s “lies” during a recent taping of Watch Watch Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Meredith Marks said she doesn’t know what set off Lisa Barlow’s hot mic moment during ‘RHOSLC’ Season 2

During the Jan. 30, 2022 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Meredith Marks, 49, defended herself from the ruthless remarks longtime friend Lisa Barlow, 47, made about her in a bathroom that was picked up on her body microphone.

Speaking to host Andy Cohen, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star began by explaining she didn’t know exactly what caused Barlow’s “tirade.”

However, the jewelry designer claimed her friend apologized to her and pinned someone telling her that Marks called her house ugly as the trigger. The Chicago native referred to the reasoning as “vapid” and seemed to believe something else set off her friend.

When asked if she knew how Barlow felt before seeing the episode, the cast member said she noticed the New York native blocking her family from seeing specific posts. Other than that, Marks seemed caught off guard, noting, “this level of hate was far beyond anything I could have imagined.

Marks admitted some of Barlow’s claims in hot mic rant had ‘some truth to it’

She also referred to Barlow’s comments as “lies” and considered her slights “incomprehensible.” Cohen then asked about her friend’s claims that Marks “slept with half of New York,” and the celebrity designer answered, “maybe it’s projecting.”

She pointed out that she and her husband Seth have been honest about seeing other people while separated but maintained she hadn’t had 10 boyfriends in her lifetime.

Additionally, Marks addressed Barlow’s “family that poses” comments, considering it another case of “projection” due to pictures she’s noticed of the 47-year-old post on Instagram.

The RHOSLC star admitted part of her friend’s rant held weight as her husband frequently changes jobs as an “executive for turnarounds.” However, she insisted he hadn’t gotten fired. She also noted she doesn’t own a house, as Barlow stated but claimed their lifestyle is more expensive than buying a home.

Barlow went off on friend Marks in ‘RHOSLC’ Season 2

The decade-long friendship between Barlow and Marks began to deteriorate by the end of season 1 when the former became friends with cast member Jen Shah.

Because Shah reposted rude things about Marks’ son, the Chicago native didn’t take kindly to the union. Marks has since gotten closer to Mary Cosby and made it clear she didn’t want anything to do with Shah.

Friends with both, Barlow felt caught in the middle. She then became increasingly annoyed with Marks as she thought her friend defended Cosby more and didn’t have her back. Things came to a head during dinner as the ladies vacationed in Zion.

When the conversation turned to Barlow’s friendship with Shah, the 47-year-old stormed away from the table and into the house, where she went on an epic rant about Marks in a bathroom. Barlow denounced her friendship with Marks, calling her several names, including a “whore,” accused her of cheating, and claimed she slept with “half of New York.” The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Sundays on Bravo.

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