Ryan's steroid obsession grips him in Corrie as his body gains adoration online

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) heads back to Coronation Street this week after spending time in Ireland with his mum Michelle (Kym Marsh).

While Ryan is pleased to be back home, it quickly becomes apparent that the beloved character isn’t as well as he’s making out, as he turns to steroids to try and help his confidence levels.

‘When he comes back from Ireland he’s fully seated in that position of denial’, Ryan Prescott explained.

‘He’s already convinced himself that he’s getting back on his feet and this newfound interest in fitness is going to bring him out of his shell and give him the confidence he needs. It gives him something to focus on and takes his mind off all the pain he’s been through and the fact he looks so different.’

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With Ryan’s self-esteem incredibly low, he firmly brushes off Carla’s (Alison King) idea when she suggests that he should start making motivational videos online.

Ryan says that nobody would want to see his face on screen and later in the week, he’s seen opening a parcel addressed to a fake name. He then takes out some illegal steroids and injects himself and fails to consider the risks, as Ryan Prescott told us:

‘I think that’s the last thing he’s thinking about. As soon as he gets that feeling of acceptance or glorification, whether that’s through admiration or someone praising his aesthetic for his body, he’s just latching onto it.’

Next week, it’s very clear that Ryan’s focus on his physical appearance is already impacting the way he is towards his friends and family as when Carla takes some selfies on his phone, she accidentally uploads a naked torso shot, which leaves Ryan furious.

‘She ends up using his phone to take some pictures of them all together but she sends an extra photo to the cloud which Ryan has taken, in his bedroom with his shirt off’, Ryan said.

‘Once Ryan comes back from the toilet people are already discussing it and Ryan realises what’s happened. His natural reaction is to get out of there because of humiliation.

‘All his angst and annoyance is directed at Carla.’

‘It’s that place of fragility between delusion and confidence or make-believe confidence’, Ryan added, reflecting on the contrast between Ryan’s real life and the one he has online, which is seeing him gain followers and likes on social media.

‘Once you come to a place where you can’t accept yourself, it’s a very strange road to find your way back to self-care and self-worth and I think that is the road Ryan’s on.

‘Having too much attention from the people that live around him but that he can’t get away from is a nightmare for him. That’s what sparks his outrage and that’s what sparks his humiliation. In real life, he doesn’t want to be this showy guy. It’s cringeworthy.’