Seven huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Scott’s horror robbery and a shock shooting

SCOTT storms into the Bistro and holds everyone hostage next week in Coronation Street. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week in the ITV soap…

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1. Scott holds everyone hostage in the Bistro

Corrie viewers know that Scott has been planning to scam Ray and his mates for weeks in the ITV soap. 

And next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Scott put the wheels of his evil plan in motion as Ray organises entertainment for some investors in the Bistro and asks Faye to act as hostess.

Later, Ray has a poker game in full swing when a masked Scott bursts into the Bistro and, pointing his gun at Faye, orders everyone to do as he says. 

2. Scott shoots Craig

Craig hears the call and, despite knowing he should get back-up from his colleagues, rushes into the Bistro to help Faye.

As Scott grabs Ray's cash and tries to head for the exit, Craig springs into action and attacks Scott with a chair.

But disaster strikes when the gun goes off and he slumps to the floor as Scott runs away.

3. Scott holds Jenny at gunpoint

When Johnny comes clean to Jenny about Scott being responsible for the robbery later in the week, she’s disgusted and orders Johnny to report him to the police. 

But disaster strikes when Scott bursts into the Bistro and discovers where Johnny is heading. 

Pointing his gun at Jenny, he calls Johnny and orders him to return home or he’ll shoot his wife. 

4. Alya gets a warning

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Imran tell Alya that Yasmeen’s legal fees are stacking up and she might have to sell her house. 

Alya is unsettled when she finds a series of unpaid loans against Yasmeen's name when she runs a credit check.

When Alya quizzes Yasmeen, she drops the bombshell that she also signed half the house over to him.

But after Alya follows Geoff to see what he’s spending the money on – and discovers that he's splashing the cash on his new girlfriend – a police officer approaches Alya and warns her that Geoff has reported her for harassment.

5. Evelyn learns the truth

Evelyn suggests to Arthur that rather than a weekend away, they should push the boat out and go for a whole month. 

But Arthur looks startled and starts making excuses before rushing out, leaving Evelyn confused and hurt. 

But when Toyah tells Evelyn she saw Arthur at the hospital, Evelyn is worried and arranges to meet him.

Evelyn is shell shocked when Arthur reveals the reason behind his hospital visits. 

6. Leanne gets false hope

Steve break the news to Leanne that no specialists are willing to fight Oliver’s corner. 

Later, Wendy interviews Nick but when he assures her that Oliver responds to touch and sound, Gail chimes in and says she isn’t convinced he does. 

Gail and Nick start rowing and he ends up slamming the door. 

Steve and Leanne emerge from Oliver’s room thrilled to announce he responded to the slamming of the door, which proves he can hear. 

But later, Leanne is devastated when the doctor explains that Oliver’s movement was just an involuntary reflex. 

Meanwhile, Gail urges Nick to tell Leanne she’s fighting a losing battle – and put an end to Oliver’s suffering.



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7. Abi gets some bad news

Viewers know that Abi and Kevin’s sister Debbie immediately locked horns when she arrived on the cobbles.

They might have moved past their differences, but Abi is irritated when Debbie reveals that her business venture is taking longer than expected next week – and that she’ll be staying in the Square for the foreseeable.

Abi feigns joy at Debbie’s revelation, but secretly wonders whether her nightmare will ever end.

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