'Sex Is the Best Exercise' and More Tips from Dr. Oz on Keeping New Year's Resolutions

Dr. Mehmet Oz is coaching fans on how to maintain their 2021 New Year's resolutions.

The television personality, 60, appeared on People (the TV show!) this week, telling host Kay Adams a few of his best tips for staying on track with whatever goals viewers are setting for the year ahead. Reassuring people that resolutions do work, he says, you just "have to do them the right way."

"You gotta give yourself a little confidence," says Oz. "If you do that, you'll be successful and 2021 will be a lot brighter than this past year."

Oz suggests everyone find an "accountability partner," not someone who "enables the worst parts of your personality, but someone who's gonna hold you accountable" while striving for benchmarks. Once you've found a good accountability partner, "then trust that person," he says.

As far as food and drink goes, Oz says bank on evergreen advice on the matter — a glass of water between alcoholic beverages, don't be a "double-fisted" eater or drinker — but ultimately, he says, "forget diets, start a system."

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Switching gears, Oz also reveals one often overlooked way to contribute to fitness goals: "Sex is the best exercise," he says.

"There's longevity benefits to sex," explains Oz. "Every man in America should be telling the woman they love or the person they love, 'You're killing me if you don't give me sex.' This is true. We've got data to support it."

Since the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to pose a lot of questions moving forward into the New Year, Oz also advises ways to stay on track during the unprecedented time and "definitely" recommends getting the vaccine when it becomes available. (He shared a video of himself receiving a vaccination on Instagram Monday.)

"I think that it's one of the wisest things we can do for ourselves and for our families, and definitely for our community," Oz says.

Back in September, Oz revealed that his mother, Suna, contracted COVID, and that her diagnosis was made "even worse" by her Alzheimer's disease. Suna, 82, lives at her home in Turkey, and Oz and his family were not sure how she was infected, he told PEOPLE at the time.

Giving an update on his mother to People (the TV show!), he says, "My mom's doing okay. I don't wanna make it seem like it's going well, but it's going as well as it could. I've not been able to spend time with her, nor have the rest of my siblings."

"Medically she's doing well, but emotionally it's been very, very trying on her," he continues. "She doesn't understand, with her Alzheimer's, the subtlety of what COVID-19 has done to destroy the social fabric of so many families, so she can't figure out why we're not around to support her. I think it's people like my mom who pay the biggest price for COVID-19."

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