Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In review — An intimate portrait by the people who know the man best

Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In
(12) 109mins

IT’S hard to believe this friendly man sitting in front of the camera talking about his life was once the most fiery manager in football.

Sir Alex Ferguson, who took no-hopers Aberdeen to European Cup glory and delivered a record number of trophies for Manchester United, was known for ­giving his players the “hair­dryer treatment”.

Only in the archive footage do viewers get an idea of what a blast from the Scotsman might have felt like.

In the most telling scene, an enraged Fergie tells a TV journalist his Aberdeen were a “disgrace” – they had just won the Scottish FA Cup final, but only 1-0.

Directed by his son Jason, this is an intimate portrait by the people who know the man best.

It includes the tape of the 999 call made after Ferguson collapsed in 2018 and the interviews reveal how close to death he came.

There are moments of reflection, with Ferguson admitting he nearly wrecked his playing career by drinking too much.

But there are limits to how far this cosy, Amazon Prime movie wants to delve into past controversies.

His fallout with two Man Utd shareholders over a racehorse and the BBC’s allegations that he aided Jason’s work as a player’s agent go unmentioned.

Never Give In is more of a gentle blow dry.

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