Soap fans plead for Emmerdale character to stay away after show exit

Emmerdale fans have expressed their relief after one seemingly unpopular character made a sudden departure from the show.

In a dramatic episode on Thursday night, 6 July, Naomi Walters (played by Karene Peters) quit her job and vowed to start a new life abroad.

The chef decided to leave after Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) lent her some cash, and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) offended her by accusing her of stealing from the pub.

After storming out of The Woolpack, a humiliated Naomi was then convinced by her grandfather, Victor Anderson, to take the cash Vinny had given her and do something fun with it.

After weighing up her choices, Naomi then impulsively decided to start a new life in Ibiza, leaving Vinny betrayed and Charles fuming with Victor for his part in her decision.

Naomi, who has only been on the show for a year, then tried to make a sneaky exit from the village but was caught by Vinny and her dad, Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin).

A shocked Vinny confronted her, saying, "You moving out?" to which she responded, "I was going to call you from the airport."

But despite a downtrodden Vinny trying to convince her to stay, Naomi insisted that she was off to Ibiza and would not be coming back.

She replied, "I am sorry, Vinny, I am sorry, Dad, I knew you wouldn't get it and would try and stop me."

"From running away because Chas caught your hand in the till?" he responded.

Maintaining her innocence, a frustrated Naomi replied, "By this time tonight I'll be in Ibiza and I am not coming back."

And many fans of the show were delighted to see her leave the Dales, taking to social media to share their thoughts on her exit from the ITV soap.

One fan rejoiced, saying "#emmerdale hallelujah Naomi has gone! Where is Ethan and why has Charles not reported him missing? Now can the old mum and dodgy dad leave too! #boring."

While another pleaded not to see her return, adding: "Bye-bye Naomi, please don't come back #emmerdale."

A third viewer penned: "I was wiping my tears away at Naomi's exit…….NOT #emmerdale."

And after many blamed her grandad was convincing her to rip favourite Vinny off, there were also calls for her to take him with her.

With one person saying: “I’m so happy Naomi has left. I’d love if she sends a ticket for her Grandad."

Another agreed, penning “The grandad is absolutely vile, can he leave with Naomi."

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