Spoilers: Yasmeen cuts off a gutted Stu in Corrie when Zeedan tries to help him

Zeedan Nazir (Qasim Akhtar) in Coronation Street has started to wonder if Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) is innocent after all.

The beloved character is currently behind bars after breaching the peace, which came after Yasmeen (Shelley King) and the Weatherfield residents discovered he was in prison after being charged with the murder of Charlie Walter – a young woman Stu had an affair with 30 odd years ago.

For Yasmeen, the revelation has completely shaken her, and she vowed to move on with her life, adamant Stu was exactly like Geoff Metcalfe.

Tonight, Zeedan paid a visit to Stu in prison after learning he could be released very soon.

As Zeedan wasn’t around when Geoff was controlling and abusing Yasmeen, he entered the police visiting room determined to ensure Stu stays well away from his gran when he gets out.

However, when Stu mentioned his case files, Zeedan’s view on the situation started to change.

Stu pointed out what if he was guilty, why would he request access to his case files?

That question was ringing in Zeedan’s ears when he returned to Weatherfield and entered the solicitor’s office to speak with Adam (Sam Robertson).

Adam explained that getting Stu’s files is possible but advised Zeedan to perhaps keep it a secret from Yasmeen for now, as it may not actually lead to a positive outcome.

Sadly, for Zeedan, as Adam bumped into Yasmeen, keeping things quiet wasn’t possible.

Yasmeen confronted her grandson and wondered what on earth he was doing trying to look at Stu’s files, failing to understand why Zeedan couldn’t see their friend was liar and a killer.

Zeedan argued his points, but they were interrupted by a phone call – it was Stu.

Stu was desperate to speak with Yasmeen, so Zeedan handed the phone over, but she was overwhelmed and panicked – and then killed the call.

A gutted Stu placed the phone back on the holder and walked back to his cell – but will Yasmeen ever change her mind?

He is desperate to prove he is innocent, but can Stu do that without Yasmeen by his side?

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