Stacey Solomon in hysterics as fiance Joe Swash screams out in pain after being kicked in the testicles by their son Rex

STACEY Solomon couldn't stop laughing as she watched her fiance Joe Swash scream after being kicked in the testicles by their son Rex.

The newly engaged couple were relaxing at home with the one-year-old when Joe was delivered a boot to his groin.

Stacey said: "I love watching these two play…

"But oh my gosh I wasn't expecting this gem."

The father and son were playing together before bedtime this evening, with Joe pretending to be asleep.

As Joe acted out fake snores as he lay on the floor by the fire, baby Rex stood between his dad's legs.

Trying to wake him up, Rex playfully kicked out.

Unfortunately for Joe, he was caught off guard and shouted out in pain.

Rex went flying as he landed on his bottom between Joe's legs, while Stacey roared with laughter.

Joe screamed in agony and covered his private parts – and Rex found the whole thing hilarious.

This week Stacey revealed she and fiancé Joe will tie the knot in 2021 – because their loved ones “won’t be around forever”.

It was just last month that the Loose Women panellist confirmed on Instagram that she’ll be walking down the aisle in 2021.

And it seems the hurry to wed – after a magical Christmas Eve engagement – may have something to do with the recent devastating loss of Joe’s nan.

Mum-of-three Stacey, 31, opened up about her reasons for a 2021 wedding in response to a fan asking about the nuptials.

She admitted: “I used to think I wanted to run away and elope, but after losing family members this year, I could not feel more opposite…

“One of the main reasons we’d love to get married as soon as we can is because there’s special people in our lives that will not be around forever.

“And I would do anything to share our day with them. Especially knowing already how much we will miss those that can’t be there.

“I’ve found me dream venue, we are just trying to see if the dates work and if it’s possible and I can’t wait to take you there with us when/if we are aloud.”

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