Teen Mom Briana DeJesus worries fans after sharing video of daughter, Stella, 3, 'using a nebulizer'

TEEN Mom’s Briana DeJesus worried fans over the weekend when she shared a snap of her daughter, Stella, 3, with a 'nebulizer' on her face. 

The reality star offered no explanation to what was going on with her little girl – who suffered a severe illness shortly after Covid-19 forced the US into lockdown last March. 

Briana, 26, posted a picture to her 1.1 million Instagram followers with Stella seemingly in good spirits. 

The smiley toddler wore an oxygen mask that connected to a tube as she rested on the couch in a fuzzy blue jacket. 

“My baby,” her mama wrote on the photo as her hand rested on the three-year-old’s forehead. 

Though the Teen Mom 2 star did not explain what was going on with Stella, her followers speculated it could be due to asthma. 

Many pointed out that the device attached to Stella’s face was a nebulizer – a piece of medical equipment used to help those with asthma or another respiratory condition better receive oxygen to their lungs.

While others were just worried for Briana’s little girl and commented their concern on Reddit.

One person who could empathize wrote: “Aw hope she is okay and doesn't have to continually take breathing treatments. 

“I have asthma and had to take treatments at least 3x a day for the first 13 years of my life. So glad for advancement in medicine, changed my life.”

A second concerned fan said: “Oh no poor stellita ): I hope she's okay.”

“I hope she’s okay. Looks like a typical breathing treatment which I did nightly as a kid. 

“But I don’t understand people who want to post pictures like this online of their kids,” another person wrote.

The MTV star was criticized by several others for displaying her child for “attention” and “likes.”

One critic fired off: “She’s definitely using this poor child for attention 🙁 It seems like she posts about Stella being sick a LOT. 

“That seems incredibly messed up…. I never wish illness on anyone but I hope it’s not all being dramatized or worse for Bri’s gain.”

Another blasted: “It’s a nebulizer treatment. Any child with asthma does it. And while I can't be sure why sweet stella had to do it… Why is it being blasted on social media???

“Hope she's okay, too. BUT…. Bri is doing this for clicks and likes, mostly attention.”

Last March, as coronavirus was beginning to spread in America, Briana revealed that her 2-year has a "mild fever" and asked fans where testing is done near the Orlando, Florida area.

Just a few weeks before, Briana took Stella and her older daughter, Nova, 9, to a Gatorland themed park and the beach.

Soon after Stella was born in July 2017, Briana revealed that she was born with three holes in her heart.

Following a few hospitals trips, the mother of two announced in August 2018 that Stella no longer has heart murmurs.

Briana shares her daughter with her ex, Luis Hernandez.

As seen on Teen Mom 2, Luis was attempting to be more involved with Stella after not being present for most of her life.

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